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MODEL Niko Bellic [beta1]

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    MODEL Niko Bellic [beta1]

    Name: Niko Bellic

    Version: beta 1

    Compatibility: Unreal Tournament 2004

    Description: Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV.

    Niko Bellic - Grand Theft Auto IV model, XNALara model by JhonyHebert, 17409 triangles.

    for lower polygon model, 5999 triangles,
    open NikoGTA4tdlb1.upl in notepad and change "Mesh=NikoGTA4tdlb1.niko1" to "Mesh=NikoGTA4tdlb1.niko1r"

    (extremely outdated pic)

    i'll take some proper pics later.. or send me some?

    Rockstar Games
    Rockstar North
    Take-Two Interactive
    Epic Games (base male skeleton, animations, karma)
    GTA Wiki

    Known Issues:
    Head, Neck, Collar clipping
    VoicePack needed!

    Niko Bellic beta1 -

    i appreciate any feedback.

    take kare. -tidel.

    OMG he arrived! Insta-download!

    EDIT: Tested him with Chaos UT2 melee, he works and plays great!


      All I can say is HOLY SH*T!!!


        thanks for the comments & enthusiasm guys! it means a lot.
        i might be able to fix the collar/head/neck issues by rotating the original skeleton's spinal/neck bones, but it would involve starting all over from scratch..
        sorry, really rushed this beta1 release, i'll have to revisit him before final release.
        in the meantime, anyone have any leads / working on a voicepack?
        given there's a PC release, there must be a way to extract Niko's audio/dialogue
        his voice adds much to his personality,
        "let go of my cousin!" "everybody's looking for that special someone"


          I'm really loving this character port. This may be one my favs at the moment. Like you said he may need a little work, but this is at the top of the list.
          I found this soundboard, I think that game has streamed audio, there is a way to export, but soundboard may be enough?

          I wonder if some these models have other skins.


            A while back I was thinking of a nico voicepack too but I would have done that by using the ingame video maker cutting together all the moments he says something... but that would have been extremely tedious...

            EDIT: How about getting ouches and cries together for him too to make an own nico species? Having the usual merc ouches would take away a lot of the atmosphere...

            EDIT2: Just checked that soundboard and the big one on top (from realmofdarkness) has everything one would need for a good voicepack!
            I could try to make one if no one else wants to. It includes lots of good ouches too! Who could make a species for him?


              I just had to reinstall windows again, second time in 2 months, apparently my hard drive was the problem all along.
              I had GTA4 installed, I would reinstall again if it would help in getting Niko's voice files.
              There is an extractor, I think it's called OpenIV, which may get any of the audio needed.
              If I can help get audio that way, let me know, I could try, or Baryonyx if you were to make it with the soundboard files, they seem to be easily accessible.
              Either way, the Niko voice pack would be really really cool, I can't wait.


                have to try this, coool!



                  Originally posted by Parkis G View Post
                  I wonder if some these models have other skins.
                  great soundboard! i think some skins should be possible.. the model did come with a black top alternate, i'll have to take a screenshot sometime.

                  Originally posted by Baryonyx View Post
                  I could try to make one if no one else wants to. It includes lots of good ouches too! Who could make a species for him?
                  i'd rather focus on perfecting the model, rather than juggle all these sound files. if you feel u can do a Niko Bellic voicepack justice, by all means, go ahead.
                  i was able to extract mp3's from the swf using Fortop SWF Resources Extractor.
                  i haven't found any good guides on creating species, but i can try experimenting with the Halo species files.

                  Originally posted by Parkis G View Post
                  OpenIV, which may get any of the audio needed.
                  glad you're up and running again. i have GTA IV installed on both laptop and PC & there are some particular quotes i really like that seem to be missing from these soundboards
                  like, "let go of my cousin" & "everybody's looking for that special someone". OpenIV might help me seek out those audio clips.

                  Originally posted by papasfritas View Post
                  good find! surprised i didn't notice this. this will do for now, temporarily... but really should be completed. Gonna ask Psyrgery if he has made any more progress.

                  worked on model from scratch again & was able to significantly reduce clipping, better neck, better hand positioning, it's like sorta like beta1.5, but i'd rather release a beta2 with a voicepack.


                    Here are some playlists of Niko and some from his missions, very cool.

                    This channel has many GTA game voices


                      Claude Speed voicepack?


                        I found that Nico's head gets translucid when being exposed to shock damage.