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    WEAPON - Pulse Gun

    Hello everyone,

    Lately. I've been playing a lot of monster-centric gamemodes such as Invasion and specifically Clan DW's Monster Evolution server (ut2004:// One of the things that I've noticed with these cooperative game modes is that a lot of players are pretty passive and will sit back and link one player rather than getting out into the fray themselves. While this is normally pretty cool and is one of the neatest teamwork elements of UT2004, sometimes from a game design standpoint I want players to have to put their neck on the line rather than hanging back and linking one person.

    I've also got a bit of nostalgia for the cool aesthetic elements of the UT99 Pulse Gun. In the end I created this Pulse Gun, which is functionally identical to the UT2004 Link Gun, except it cannot link to other players (it can heal vehicles and nodes) and it has some new visual elements. I tried to style the weapon after the original Pulse Gun, however obviously there will be some differences and I think the new weapon presented here is a good mix of styles. Check it out and let me know if there is anything that you would like to see from this weapon, in terms of functionality or aesthetics.


    DOWNLOAD: Download Here

    To summon this weapon in your game:
    summon wospulsegun_beta1.pulsegunpickup
    Weapon class name (if you use a weapon replacement mutator):
    summon wospulsegun_beta1.pulsegun
    This weapon shares ammunition with the Link Gun.

    Additional Notes:
    Since this weapon is somewhat geared towards use on monster-centric (Invasion or Monster Assault) servers, I also decided to include two versions of this weapon that are geared specifically towards being utilized by monsters. Even if you have no intention of replacing players' Link Guns, for example, you might decide to equip monsters (typically SMPNaliFighters) with some different weaponry. These versions are functionally identical to the player versions of the weapon but contain a little bit of extra code which helps monster's controller better understand how to utilize the weapon.

    Included in this package are two monster-specific versions of the Pulse Gun:
    Standard Version (Monsters will use both primary and alternate firemodes): WOSPulseGun_BETA1.PulseGunMonster
    Primary-Only Version (Monsters will only utilize primary fire): WOSPulseGun_BETA1.PulseGunMonsterPrimary

    Weapon Description: "Once retired from active use in the Tournament, the Pulse Gun has seen a resurgence due to the newfound Invasion and Monster Assault modes. Spectators demanded bloodshed and personal danger that modern Link Guns had engineered out of existence. This model features a stylized exterior chassis with a compact plasma turbine energy source capable of discharging spherical bolts of concentrated plasma or venting its plasma buildup in a short directed stream. Unlike modern Link Guns, the Pulse Gun does not feature a plasma regulator for modulating the plasma stream's energy to 'Link' to allies' weapons."


    The functionality of the Pulse Gun is intended to fit into the gameplay of UT2004 non-disruptively. It is identical to the functionality of the Link Gun with the exception that players cannot link to allies' Link Guns (or Pulse Guns).

    Primary Fire: Rapidly fires spherical plasma bolts from the weapon. Fires up to 5 bolts per second with each bolt dealing 30 damage each.

    Secondary Fire: Unleashes a plasma beam directly from the weapon. Although this beam is not capable of linking to allies' Link Guns, it remains capable of healing allied vehicles and nodes.

    If you encounter any difficulties getting this to run, please let me know here.

    Supercalifragilisticexpiali Downloading Now


      Just a quick note for anyone who has downloaded this: I made a small update that fixes some issues with non-Bot controllers (for example, MonsterControllers) wielding this weapon and utilizing secondary fire (update fixes how spastic the aiming for non-Bot controllers was). Please download from the link in the first post and overwrite any older version you have locally.


        Really nice. Should have tried this sooner; been having fun with this and weapon-stuff