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Sergeant Kelly's Weapon Pack [V10 Weapon Drops 1,2,3]

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    Sergeant Kelly's Weapon Pack [V10 Weapon Drops 1,2,3]

    Guns, guns, and more guns!

    Gun Count:
    V6: 7 new guns
    V8: 9 new guns
    V9: 18 new guns
    V10: 7 new guns and counting!
    Total: 41 brand new killing devices!

    The SKBP is a huge add-on to Ballistic Weapons, which massively boosts the arsenal available to the player! The latest version, V10, is currently being released in a series of Weapon Drops for public testing and enjoyment.

    Next Release: Weapon Drop 4 for V10's Main Package.

    Sergeant Kelly's Weapon Pack V10

    There are three important components to the SKBP.

    Part One: SKBP V10 Main Pack
    This is the core of the bonus pack, and contains all of the weapons from V6, V8, and V9 in updated forms. Most of the weapons are being upgraded with new models and functionality, and some are receiving major overhauls to fit our new standards of quality. This component is required to run the Expansion and Prototype packs.

    Part Two: SKBP V10 Expansion Pack
    This pack is an expansion pack and contains all the brand new weapons we're shoving into V10. This component is our most ambitious one yet, with a plethora of new models and new designs being thrown into the mix. Those of you who participated in the V9 Prototype public beta will recognize a lot of these guns, as this pack will hold all of the prototypes that passed inspection.

    Part Three: SKBP V10 Prototype Pack
    Since we will not be able to include and model every single gun for the Expansion Pack, all of the leftovers will be made available via the V10 Prototype Pack. This will likely be uploaded post release, and will contain the guns that didn't make the cut. This pack will require both Main and Expansion, and will not get the same gloss as the finalized weapons. (M50 clones for everyone!)

    V10 Main:
    ModDB - Weapon Drop 1
    V10 Expansion Pack:
    ModDB - Weapon Drop 2,3
    V10 Prototype Pack:

    Note: Ballistic V2.5 must be installed and UT2004 be updated to v3369 with the ECE pack installed.

    V10 Main Weapons

    [Berserk Fists] - [X5W Black Ops Blade] - [NEX Plas-Edge Sword] -
    [XM300 Dragon Nanoblade]

    [RS04 .45 Combat Pistol] -[AH104 ‘Pounder’ Assault Pistol] - [AH208 ‘Eagle’ Assault Pistol] - [The Golden Gun]

    Machine Pistols:
    [T9CN Machine Pistol] - [GRSXX Golden Machine Pistol] - [MR-DR88 Machine Pistol]

    [Redwood Sawn Off Shotgun] - [Redwood Double Barrel] - [SKAS-21 Super Shotgun] - [SK-410 Assault Shotgun]

    Assault Rifles:
    [CYLO Urban Assault Weapon] - [CYLO Firestorm IV]

    Battle Rifles:
    [M30A1 Tactical Rifle] - [SRS M2 Battle Rifle]

    Sniper Rifles:
    [X83 A1 Anti-Materiel Rifle] - [R98 Hunting Rifle]

    Heavy Machineguns:
    [XMB-500 Personal Minigun]

    [SM-AT/AA Flak-16 Recoilless Rifle] - [SRAC-21/G 20mm Autocannon] - [R20 Bulldog Assault Cannon]

    Small Energy Weapons:
    [A49 Skrith Blaster]

    Medium Energy Weapons:
    [A73 Elite Skrith Rifle] - [LS14 Laser Carbine] - [LS-440M Enhanced Laser Rifle]

    Heavy Energy Weapons:
    [HMC-117 Photon Cannon] - [H-V Plasma Cannon Mk5] - [E-V Hyper Plasma Cannon Mk9]

    Tactical Grenades:
    [XM84 Heavy Tech Grenade] - [G28 Medicinal Aerosol]

    V10 Expansion Pack Weapons

    [X8 Ballistic Knife] - [Defib Fists]

    Assault Rifles:
    [AK-490 Battle Rifle] - [MJ51 Assault Carbine]

    [FG50 Heavy Machinegun]

    [FSSG-50 Marksman Rifle]

    [MOA-C Chaff Grenade]