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MODEL MGR:R Raiden [BETA:1.0]

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    MODEL MGR:R Raiden [BETA:1.0]

    Name: Raiden

    Version: BETA v1.0

    Compatibility: Unreal Tournament 2004 v3369

    Description: Raiden as he appears in Metal Gear Rising: Revengance

    Comments: I plan on making his hands more correctly positioned. Also, I will release a lower poly version, because this one is quite bulky.

    -This model was not made by me, I just converted it for UT2004.
    -Number of triangles/polygons is very high for this model,
    Vertices: 22144
    Triangles: 34299

    Known issues:
    -Minor vertex weight issues.



    Hideo Kojima
    Game: Metal Gear Rising: Revengence
    Subject: Raiden
    Copyright: Konami
    Model Ripper: Rexil

    No Sons of Liberty Raiden?


      seems to be working perfectly on my laptop despite the high polygon count.
      looks good, especially with the Ballistic Weapons' Katana
      personally i think he's rigged pretty well. the robotic blood is a nice touch.
      the only thing i would suggest is playing with his textures, add some specular, give him a nice shine!

      Originally posted by arbee View Post
      No Sons of Liberty Raiden?
      i'm considering rigging this model although i would really prefer Gray Fox / Cyborg Ninja


        Thanks Tidel, I used your tutorial to make this (Well not this model specifically, I made a Ryu from street fighter first, but I'm not that proud of it). Anyway I'll try to give him some spec later, but right now my mouse is acting up, so it may be a couple of days before I make a legit effort. On another note, I wanted to make a voice pack for him as well, but every time I try to run UT2K4 Voice Packager I get an error that tells me that it can't find my UT registry files.


          Well done port and rigging. I know how much a pain in the **** to rig hi-poly models. Ive done it with the Crysis Nanosuit model. Ive taken the liberty to fix the textures and give him some pizazz. One thing Ive noticed that his hands arent properly rigged but its minor still pretty good port.


            Nice job! No slowdowns; animations all look good. Nice choice, it's a cool character.

            only issue I noticed is in the UPL line; he has the exact same name as Raiden from the Unreal Championship pack.
            I simply renamed him RaidenMGS.

            edit: other minor issue is left hand could be twisted


              This is one of my most favorit models. Currently I use this Raiden model most often if I play. Looks cool and detailed, the skin is some high quality texture. Perfect.

              The only issue I found is its left hand (if right handed). The model is not bend its fingers if Raiden hold a weapon.