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GoldenEye 007 Caves (Beta)

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    GoldenEye 007 Caves (Beta)

    GoldenEye 007 Caves B1

    Beta 1

    UT2004. Maybe UT2003? I avoided using the "NewWeaponsBase" for compatibility.

    The caves multiplayer map from GoldenEye 007, the classic Nintendo 64 shooter.

    Comments: Meowcat made a port of this map as part of his YARM map pack. I asked him if I could fix it up, and he said 'Go for it.' That was back in Summer 2011 . About 2 weeks ago I decided to actually work on it. I polished up the map, doing the lighting, textures, deco, sounds, etc. I scaled it up (by 1.5) for normal UT2004 play.

    I included 3 OGG music files with this map. Yes, 3! Looping versions of Caverns, Streets and Facility from GoldenEye. You can can actually pick which song you want to hear in-game. In the large open area, you'll see five ferns up on the cliffs. Shoot them to select one of 5 songs. You can also pick the song from DM-PerfectDarkTemple, or one of the default UT2004 tracks, KR-Sulphur.

    The map normally will play the Caverns song, if you want the map to play a different song by default, rename one of the other ogg files GoldenEye-Caverns.ogg.

    I think this map works especially well for one on one. Any more than 4 players gets too crowded. Please give me gameplay feedback so I can adjust the final version if needed.


    Rare for the map layout and music; Meowcat, of course, Hourences ( for various meshes from Idoma and Rrarijar; HazelH ( for the sand meshes.



    nice you know there was a goldeneye mod that they never finished it had some of the maps done


      Hi Jefe! I played it and loved it! I think the atmosphere is great and the lighting fits just perfectly (also I agree cheese is delicious). I personally like the stalactite/stalagmite and rock pile meshes, I think the added cover helps the open areas be a little more inviting to enter. Also, I dig the music switch, very handy!

      Do you have to original cave mesh in .ms3d format? The only other thing that I think might be kind of cool would be some more color variation on the cave walls. My .ASE exporter for MS3D allows you to vertex paint by weighting vertices to a single bone. The wide open cave area with the ferns might look kind of cool with some green moss textures along some of the vertices. GreenLoves sometimes broke his cave/cliff meshes into a couple of materials so that he could have multiple vertex painted combinations.

      Overall, great feel to the map!


        I don't have the original mesh. I agree, some vertex painting would make it look a lot better, especially to give the floor a slightly different look. Hourences did a tutorial on it. Unfortunately, I don't have 3DS Max, and I'm not willing to pay the insane price for it.