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    I know you said you were done with this map, but if you are interested, I've made some lower-poly versions of some of the meshes (a few of the lights, the white concrete doorway, a set of black metal handrails to use for the railings, remakes of the tree trunk meshes and stairs), and some lower resolution "specular masks" that can be used to add glass shine to the train and boat textures' windows as part of a shader. If you'd like to consider adding them, let me know.
    Sure, if I don't need to redo a significant part of the map, I'm all for it
    There are still things that I need to fix anyway like a giant BSP hole on the blue base in the standard version which I have no idea how it went unnoticed.


      @ UnShame: I'll group the custom actors like last time, and no, they should not require anything more than copy and paste from the map. For the BSP error in the blue base, changing those staircase support braces to "semi-solid" brushes should probably work. I'll post a link this weekend.

      @ jefe: For a "vanill"a version I was eventually able to clear them, but since there was some obscure reference to the flags (even after having deleted them saved the map, closed UEd and re-opened UEd) so the custom class would just not go away. Since they used the same class name as the regular flags I was concerned that they would always be referenced somehow. I think it may have been the botpathing; after rebuilding the pathing with the flags removed (and removing the VCTF gametype from the level properties,and editing the ut2004.ini file to not load the unrealgame, xGame .u packages when UEd started) that finally seemed to clear the classes out.

      On a side note, I found a way those laser turrets can be set to be powered without needing an embedded subclass by using a scriptedTrigger that has a ACTION_consolecommand using the string "set ONSManualGunPawn bPowered true" (without the quotes), and then a ACTION_DisableThisScript. It seems to work just fine even after the turrets have been destroyed and reset.


        Here is the link to a file with a basically empty map, with just the new custom static meshes, arranged where they should go in the map (in other words you should just be able to copy and paste them). I've placed the new train and barge cab textures (with specular maps for the glass) on a BSP cube near the middle of the map so that they would save as a reference without having to include those static mesh models.

        Here is what is included: a new railing "system" in the map for the hand rails; Treetrunks; I recreated the staticmesh catwalk floors from UT3 that were used in the barge docks, you can see if you like them; slightly higher poly ladders; bunch of different light fixture/pole meshes to replace many of the existing ones (they all use the same texture so it should be better for rendering with less textures in memory); new fountain mesh/base and water; new seawater meshes, as an xProcMesh actor these should be a bit more optimzed than the fluidSurfaceInfos; replaced the wooden dock poles with static meshes instead of BSP; new train stop shelter mesh to match the original UT3 map, uses a catwalk texture from the flag base; lower poly yellow bollards; lower poly red dumpster mesh; and I think that's it....

        [EDIT] Forgot to mention, I used an alpha texture from Dom-goose.utx that was normally for large waterfalls, it is 1024x1024, for the silly little fountain waterfalls' material shader. A better optimization would be to recreate the alpha texture at a much, much lower resolution (say 64x128 max) since it is such a small decoration mesh and its quite a waste to load a full 1024^2 texture just for the alpha...


          I've got something new coming up for this map.


            Some new screenshots.
            Regular version:
            [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]

            Nigth version preview:
            [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]


              Getting a Resident Evil vibe from the night version


                More like Silent Hill, with all the fog in it


                  why not both?


                    New version is here!
                    You can download the version 2 of the map here (Required files from BP2 ).

                    There are two versions of the map in the archive:
                    -Regular: low fps, pretty looks, two hidden places - version for offline play
                    -Night: good fps, different look, no hidden places - version for servers

                    There was supposed to be an RC2 version and then a Version 1 without much changes from RC1 but the Editor kept crashing on me so instead I made some major changes to fix the issue and skipped Version 1 entirely.

                    Here's what I did:
                    -Scaled the map down to a 3/4 of what it was before. Plays much faster now and doesn't crash the Editor anymore, which helps me a lot.
                    -Night version introduced instead of the Foggy version, changes on it see below
                    -Fixed BSP holes
                    -Added Radar that shows flag's position, the barge and the trains
                    -Replaced Paladins with Hellbenders (paladins didn't fit the garage
                    -Trains can now run players down (you take 25 damage for every time the game decides you got hit by it)
                    -Fixed barge's floor collision
                    -Barge now moves faster
                    -Trains now move (relativly) slower
                    -Blue bots now use their Cicada
                    -Reduced the amount of static meshes in some pathways
                    -Changed some static meshes and geometry
                    -Fixed some misplaced static meshes
                    Night version changes:
                    -Optimized for online play (no secret places, good performance)
                    -Different lighting, fog, skybox and water
                    -Lighting details (self illumination on lamps, burning barrels, blinking hotel sign, coronas etc.)
                    -No forcefield around the map (blocking volumes are still there)
                    -No blocking volume in the sky (it only affected players and redeemer warheads before if anyone is wondering)
                    -Music from UT99 (Seeker)

                    See more information in the first post.