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VCTF-RT-TrainCrossing v2

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    VCTF-RT-TrainCrossing v2

    Name: VCTF-RT-TrainCrossing
    Version: Version 2

    A small town divided by water.
    This is a large open map for 12-24 players. The middle part of the map is covered in water and you can cross it by jumping on top of passing by trains, taking a ride on the boat in ports, using the bridge, flying the cicada or manta, or just swimming.
    Other vehicles included are Hellbenders, EONS Scorpions that can boost and self-desturct and an Ion Tank at the middle that gives the team who takes it first a big advantage. There are a lot of powerups (DD, jump boots, pickup of invisibility, super-adrenaline) and also super weapons such as redeemer, ion painter and even nuclear strike painter, plus instagib rifle (in the regular version only).

    The map is a remake of VCTF-TrainCrossing from UT3.
    There are two versions of the map in the archive:
    -Regular: low fps, pretty looks, two hidden places - version for offline play
    -Night: good fps, different look, no hidden places - version for servers
    In this version the map got an unexpected complete overhaul, see Changes for explanation.

    [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]
    [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]

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    [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]


    RC1->Verion 2
    There was supposed to be an RC2 version and then a Version 1 without much changes from RC1 but the Editor kept crashing on me so instead I made some major changes to fix the issue and skipped Version 1 entirely.
    Here's what I did:
    -Scaled the map down to a 3/4 of what it was before. Plays much faster now and doesn't crash the Editor anymore, which helps me a lot.
    -Night version introduced instead of the Foggy version, changes on it see below
    -Fixed BSP holes
    -Added Radar that shows flag's position, the barge and the trains
    -Replaced Paladins with Hellbenders (paladins didn't fit the garage
    -Trains can now run players down (you take 25 damage for every time the game decides you got hit by it)
    -Fixed barge's floor collision
    -Barge now moves faster
    -Trains now move (relativly) slower
    -Blue bots now use their Cicada
    -Reduced the amount of static meshes in some pathways
    -Changed some static meshes and geometry
    -Fixed some misplaced static meshes
    Night version changes:
    -Optimized for online play (no secret places, good performance)
    -Different lighting, fog, skybox and water
    -Lighting details (self illumination on lamps, burning barrels, blinking hotel sign, coronas etc.)
    -No forcefield around the map (blocking volumes are still there)
    -No blocking volume in the sky (it only affected players and redeemer warheads before if anyone is wondering)
    -Music from UT99 (Seeker)

    -Flag building is now completely unaccessible by vehicles, added visual signs
    -Improved bot paths - defense positions, assault paths, jump spots, water paths
    -Teleporters to the top of lighthouse were moved to the lighthouse itself
    -Added super adrenaline pickup where teleports were previously
    -The gates at the ports were removed
    -Replaced Scorpions with EONS Scorpions
    -Replaced SPMA with Ion Tank
    -Added two secrets (not in foggy version). Can you find them?
    -Added forcefields and improved the positioning of blocking volumes around the map
    -Improved the sea border of the map - added byuos and it now blends more seaminglesly with the skybox
    -Textures in the tunnels now fade to black
    -Added music from UT3 (Mechanism Eight)
    -Added some ambient sounds
    -Mine layer now respawns like Redeemer and ammo for it is very hard to find
    -Fixes in mesh placement and texture alignment
    -Other bugfixes

    -Added terrain
    -Changed skybox, water and waterfall textures
    -Decreased the amount of fog
    -Added lighthouse in the middle. There are DD and Invisibility pickups up on it, how to get to them is up to you.
    -Redone blue spawn point
    -Changed some static meshes and textures
    -Fixed lighting on static meshes
    -Tweaked placement of some pickups and other objects
    -Nerfed jump boots
    -Fixed\changed\added\removed some minor stuff
    -Bots act less stupid in vehicles

    -Optimization. Lots of it. Aligned all brushes, applied proper zoning, added anti-portals and cull distances
    -Some misplaced meshes were fixed
    -Custom vehicles are removed, instead of them I added the boat from the original map
    -More decorations
    -More pickups
    -Jump boots updated
    -Fluid surface replaced with a sheet
    -Added notifications when trains\boat arriving\leaving

    First complete version of the map

    First Release

    Known Bugs:
    -In the regular version FPS can go down very low.
    -Bots don't use trains\boat, don't know what to do with jump boots and don't go for super-weapons.
    -Trains and boat are a little bit laggy when playing online.
    -Nuclear Strike Launcher can whiff or summon the bomber close to surface when pointed at some places.

    Epic Games
    Nathaniel Rossol (_N_) - original map
    Jeffrey - VCTF-Suspense port
    Sanch3z - ONS-Downtown port
    D. 'Crusha K. Rool' I. - ONS-Downtown port, Ultimate Radar Overlay
    MDK1311, AngelHeart, Ryan Pendleton, Blue Moon Rising mod authors - static meshes
    meowcat - meshes from UT3 (and maxdamage for sending me the train mesh)
    Rasiel - RT logos
    Wormbo - Jump Boots pickup
    Eliot - LevelConfigManager
    Aberiu - skybox & water
    Wail of Suicide - EONS Scorpion
    GP - code samples
    Authors of: pickup of invisibility, nuclear strike painter
    People who taught me how to do things right:
    GP, Crusha K. Rool, Heimdallr, meowcat, jefe, LIPRampage, Wormbo, Darkn3ss is QnL, GreatEmerald, Aberiu, spooky
    Everybody else who helped me with making and testing the map:
    Rasiel, XCanG, volfgunus, Psymon, SAV, Antill, Felix

    Software used:
    Unreal Editor (UT2004 & UT3)
    3DS MAX
    Vegas Pro
    UT2k4 Message Colourizer

    Required files from BP2:

    Originally posted by Alpha release
    VCTF-RT-TrainCrossing v0.470 (Alpha)
    What's in it:
    -Half of the map
    -Second flag is on the middle of the bridge
    -Working botpaths
    -Most of the pickups are put
    - Weaponlockers - link gun, shock rifle, flak cannon, minigun, avril
    - Additional - mine layer, grenade launcher, RL, lightning gun,
    - Superweapons - Redeemer, Ion Painter, Nuclear Strike Painter
    -Two scorpions, Paladin, Cicada, Manta, laser turret, two motorboats and a raft (+2 hellbenders on blue "base" as a placeholder)
    Originally posted by Original post
    A week or so ago i started making a remake of my favorite custom map from UT3 (and maybe even my favorite map in general) VCTF-TrainCrossing.
    Here's what i currently have done:
    It's far from being complete but i wanted to share
    I'm using content from different maps, the credits will be given at the release but what i wanted to ask: is it okay if i use some materials from Angelheart's map? As i know, he's no longer around...

    That map looks really cool so far. Great Work!


      This looks nice. =)


        Looks saweeeet!

        Originally posted by UnShame View Post
        [...] what i wanted to ask: is it okay if i use some materials from Angelheart's map? As i know, he's no longer around...
        Well, hardliners would say it's not okay, but... it's your decision.


          Yes, awesome! I always wanted to see this map in UT2k4 since I played a single game on it in UT3.
          Would love to see an ONS version of it too after it's finished.

          I also noticed that you used some of the meshes and textures I extracted from UT3 for my port of WAR-Downtown. But since I provided them in dedicated packages for the sole purpose of reuse in other maps, feel free to go ahead.


            WOhhhh !
            We have a new mapmaker.
            Nice work ! Unshame.


              Thanks all
              recently finished last two building
              also here's one of spawnpoints


                I'm gonna keep track of this thread, cause I am liking what I see


                  Is there a way to deal with BSP-holes? They keep popping up here and there all the time and i have no idea what to do with them except for moving the structure a little bit, hoping they will disappear and converting more complicated brushes into meshes...


                    Have you rebuilt the geometry? Do all of your brushes align/snap to the grid? Sometimes BSP holes show up on otherwise nice flat surfaces only because some other brush has been recently created while coming in contact with the surface, a quick geometry rebuild usually gets rid of this.

                    [EDIT] By the way, the remake looks great, I look forward to playing it! Also, do you need the UT rock meshes? I extracted them all from UT3, reduced the triangle counts by about 80% and have compiled a static mesh pack suitable for use in UT2k4.


                      Can't wait UnShame!!!! Freakin AWESOME!!!!!


                        To deal with BSP holes, you have to ask yourself the following questions:
                        - Are all my brushes convex and axis-aligned?
                        - Are all vertices of my brushes on the grid? Did I use the right-click "snap to grid" functionality after dealing with the Vertex Edit tool?
                        - Did I use ZonePortals where it's appropriate?
                        - Did I use semisolid brushes where it's suitable? (The ZonePortal view for the viewport may be a good help here)


                          For BSP holes, it sometimes helps to select the offending brush and right click on it and select order to -> last or first.
                          Also, sometimes it helped me to duplicate the brush and delete the old one.


                            Also, do you need the UT rock meshes?
                            YES! That's something i definitely need
                            I tried the meshes from ut2004 and it doesn't look that good


                              Also needs brighter sky and sunlight. For the whole tropical flair, like JB/ONS-SavosIsland or ONS-ChainsIsle does it.