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[WIP Beta 1] The Joker Model

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    [WIP Beta 1] The Joker Model

    Name: The Joker

    Version: Beta 1

    Rocksteady Studios
    Eidos Interactive
    Warner Bros.

    Polygons: 6431

    There are 3 skins with this pack, any other skins that anyone has,
    or have an idea for one, let me know, maybe i could do it.
    I had an idea for red and blue suits, or even red or blue hair to go with it.

    Original Version

    Re-skinned Version


    looks great so far! obviously he's work in progress, but your techniques are getting better!
    hope you work on some more Batman villains like HQ, Two-face, Riddler, etc.
    seems this model is a retexture of the Arkham City model
    & the one thing i visually disagree with is his dark gloves.
    from the animated series i'm too used to seeing his gloves match the complexion of his skin.
    perhaps you could utilize the original glove texture from the original model.
    it's possible to animate a sequence in Milkshape 3d and import the resulting PSA into UnrealEd


      As for animating, you might consider using a copy of, the now freeware, CharacterFX to animate the model. I also made a standalone .SMD format to .psa format converter utility that can use a specification text file to chop a single .smd animation file exported from Milkshape3D into a single .psa file with different animations if you think it might be useful.


        i guess i didn't realize this is the same model, i do like this dark look of this skin, maybe i can release with 2 skins, i will try the white gloves like you said, i like they way he looks in this picture

        i did have a rigged model for him, although i'm not sure how to import him without doing the import like in your milkshape tutorial,
        i do want to do more characters like the Riddler and HQ, HQ looks baddass


          I added a download link in the first post.

          It would be cool if a voice pack were to be done for this character.
          Mark Hammil did the voice, and did an amazing job,
          I don't have plans to make a voice pack for now.

          Also if anyone has any advice with rigging models in Milkshape or have an idea on creating vertices in areas that lack some.
          When I reduced the triangle count, it left areas a little less balanced with vertex alignment, I am wondering if there is a way
          to add vertices to help make the vertex weighting work better.
          Even before I reduced the triangles, the model was still tough to work with.
          I tried subdividing the a face or two, not sure if I'm on the right track.