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Rayman Model [Version 0.2]

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    Rayman Model [Version 0.2]

    Howdy y'all.

    Ayasme's the name, Unreal Tournament 2004's my game. I've been an avid player of the game for a long time and I've always been fascinated with the modding community, seeing all the models, maps, etc. that've been released for the game over the years, but haven't really got into it until now. Though those years have gone by and most involved with the modding of the game have long left the scene, it's still nice to know people haven't entirely forgotten about this relic.

    Monologue aside, here's my first completed model for the game: Rayman from Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc!

    He was built and completed in some few hours and was really easy to do, due to his lack of limbs and also because of tidel's awesome MilkShape to UT2004 tutorial. (Thanks man, really helped out. )

    A couple screenshots:


    Here's the long overdue release of the next update. Significantly huge changes were made on him, and now he looks much more pleasant, animation-wise, in-game. The Vortex skin has also been added to Ray's .upl file.


    There has been a rayman model before, but it was pretty ugly. Yours looks great!

    Being a classic jump'n'run character, this rayman is probably very good for doing these trial maps with! ^^


      yay! someone actually watched my tutorial! so = )
      & i love the monologue!
      yeah, i always thought that characters like Rayman or even Vectorman would be great models to begin with.
      the model works great & what would really make him complete would be a proper voicepack.

      my main criticism is really the model itself. looks like it was ripped using a PS2 emulator and wasn't scaled/skewed completely. i would try rotating him a little and messing with the scale function & rotate again to put him into better shape. also, i'm noticing a crease down the middle of his torso. one thing i neglected to mention in the tutorial was to weld together the entire mesh after using joint tool. simply, select the entire mesh, go to Vertex > Weld Together, & you'll notice the entire model will look smoother.

      the only thing i would try to do in order to enhance the already great model would be to slightly weigh the tips of his hair to one of his spine bones, so they would look slightly animated while he's walking. i would also do something similar with his hoodstrings, slightly weighing them to his thigh bones. it's a simple model but wanna make it look as animated as possible.

      given there's an older Rayman model, make sure your filenames are significantly different from the older model.
      great work on the readme! & overall packaging, etc.


        A voicepack would be nice, but I don't really have any proper software to do so and I can't remember if Rayman 3 has sound adjustment options so it may or may not be difficult to get some decent rips. The model was indeed taken from a PS2 emulator (albeit not by me though), and thanks for the overall suggestions for Ray, I'll look into it when I've got some spare time.

        One beef I have with the completed model though is that his right foot looks rather funky when walking (the bump that's somewhat noticeable in the first screenshot). I don't know if that's just with the skeletal mesh itself or something with how I adjusted the foot in MilkShape.


          Rayman has been updated.

          His entire mesh was welded together in MilkShape for a smoother look on the model, made a slight alteration to his right foot, adjusted his hands so they aren't so hideously conjoined with his body and downscaled him slightly.

          -Download is updated in first post-


            Originally posted by Ayasme View Post
            His entire mesh was welded together...and downscaled him slightly.
            great improvements! looks much better. after down-scaling him, i noticed you were able to translate him closer to the floor. i think you need to increase that value a bit more till you notice his idle standing animation is aligned to the floor. right now he seems to be hovering a bit. also messing with that translation, i've noticed causes problems with the Vehicle_Driving animation. check out this older post of mine.


              Thanks again.

              Yeah the hovering I've noticed since first release but haven't entirely bothered with it and with the driving animation, I wouldn't really know since I usually play Deathmatch more than any other mode.

              There's also the issue of the placement of his hand and body meshes, though I can't say when these will be resolved for school has really been cutting into my free time as of late, hence why this update was kinda half-*****. I've also been wanting to try converting a full body model (particulary Spider-Man from UMVC3 ( due to the lack of there being a proper model for him in UT2k4) for the game. But one of these days, he shall receive a proper update.

              Also since we're on the topic of Rayman, here's a quick skin I whipped up for him a few days back based on his Vortex powerup.

              If I can get the rest of his powerup textures dumped and converted I'll include them in the next update.


                Version 0.2 has finally been uploaded to 4shared.

                -Link updated in first post-


                  Downloading now.
                  That's weird, 4shared now requires a registration (login required) to download the model.


           I'm working on Rayman 4 it's the same like from Gameboy Advance and DS,but with 3D.