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DM-Dael - 1.0 - Beta

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    DM-Dael - 1.0 - Beta

    "Combining Deck 17 with Gael to get a magmalicious experience simply called Dael."

    This is a DeathMatch/Team DeathMatch level.

    Please see the web site for details and the download link (at the bottom).

    Unzip the archive and copy the map file to your C:\UT2004\Maps folder, or in this case, you should be able to simply open the map directly from the unzipped archive to try it out (the default game type is Team DeathMatch).


    See more screen shots at PhotoBucket.

    needs preview shot; I like the snow, dark cloudy skybox, sea of lava with lava bombs, trim and shadows; tough bots and I like the weapon placement, but it needs less rocket launchers and more flak cannons and miniguns and pulse rifles.


      No music - SADFACE. I think KR-HyperblastRedux would work for this level.

      The basic design of the level is fine and looks good, but it is a completely square level that has no roof or walls. It's like you designed a regular DM map, but deleted the walls at the last minute and stuck it in a lava field.

      What's the purpose of this structure? Some sort of mineral collection/refinery? Why not make a sort of energy shield around it? Or add some additional wall/lattice structure a bit beyond the current edges. Some of the meshes from CTF-DE-ElecFields or DM-Sulphur would help with the lava refinery theme. Break up the square shape too. You can keep the level pretty much the same, but add some towers, pipes, smokestacks, that sort of thing. Also the flat lava might look better if you added some terrain in the background, you could use some of the meshes from CTF-Magma for this. I would also raise the level up from lava and put it on stilts, like an oil rig, or even make it fly by putting in some engines or antigrav, and just have some pipes extending below to suck up lava. You could still have pools of lava in the level as part of the refinery process.


        1. The preview shot will be in the final.
        2. The snow was a placeholder for a darker texture (ash).
        3. I'll review weapon placement.
        4. Tried finding music but now I'm blindly going to copy Jefe's recommendation unless I discover some other track.
        5. It is based around the core of DM-Gael, though, I tried reducing the plain symmetry with elevations.
        6. It has gone through many changes; starting from an egyptian theme; dune terrain with structure on top of pillars, then metal and sea of blood, then this. So, to be different from the others it was placed at level with lava.
        7. It had a lot of metal girders sticking up as to give an "under construction" feel; might add them in again.
        8. The Liandri Corporation simply built an extended version of Gael on a mining planet for tournament purposes. The crates hold tournament supplies.

        I did the flying over lava thing with a giant chessboard which had a Star Wars like energy field around it and the magma terrain stuff.