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ChaosUT2: Evolution - Public BETA v3.8 released

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    ChaosUT2: Evolution - Public BETA v3.8 released

    After a 5 year break, ChaosUT2 has a public BETA update available.

    It's a public beta, anyone can grab it and try it out. There is also a public server running this beta right now.

    Changes include:

    -Newly designed for all gametypes.
    -Primary Fire changed to "HB38", a rapid-fire variant of the Chaos Sniper Rifle with team-colored smoke trails.
    -Alt Fire changed to a scope based on the Chaos Sniper Rifle's with corrected text descriptions of players and vehicles.
    -Additional vehicle-tracking skull weapon based on the Chaos Vengeance Relic effect added, deployed via the "Drop Relic" Chaos key bind. Also contains team-colored trails.
    -Barrel Roll Stunt Mode added, toggled via the "Kick" Chaos key bind.
    -Increased pitch up limit for improved Hoverboard built-in Grapple Hook maneuverability.
    -Increased Hoverboard built-in Grapple Hook cable length.
    -Fixed placement of board smoke and fire effects when damaged.
    -Hoverboard drivers no longer fall through the map when kicked by enemies on foot.

    Chaos Hyper Capture The Flag:
    -ability to pick up flags and score while on the hoverboard added.
    -New additional Gravity Proxy Launcher starting weapon added.

    New ChaosUT2 Features:
    -Personal Teleporter, inspired by Quake 2 Chaos, added to Chaos gametypes only except for Duel, KoTH/Team KoTH and Horde Hunters.
    -"Effects Color" option added to Client Settings for non-team games.
    -This setting affects the new "ERDW II" weapon, again in non-team games by changing its skin and trail colors.
    -Gravbelt trail is also affected by this setting as well as the new particle effect for the Chaos Spraypaint.

    -Chaos Settings" mid-game tab restored to Duel gametype.

    General Weapon Fixes:
    -All weapons now autoswitch when out of ammo.

    Chaos Grenade Launcher:
    -Grenades no longer detonate on top of players while jumping or hanging from grapple.
    -Poison and napalm grenade player damage sound effects now audible.

    -Fixed occasional incorrect first person model texture per ammo type.
    -Kamikaze scream now audible to other clients and correct sound plays per species/gender.

    -Poison and flaming bolt player damage sound effects now audible.
    -Changeammo sound now audible.

    -Flame and ice thrower player damage sound effects now audible.
    -Bot primary fire radius fixed.

    Grapple Hook:
    -Hook damage feature restored.
    -Retraction sound volume reduced.
    -All sounds now audible to other clients.

    -On/Off sound now audible to other clients.

    Some screenshots and videos are available now on our forums (mostly in Cal's Dev Thread), but more will probably be added over next couple days.

    Have a nice day.


    Chaos UT2 lives? Wow!

    Interesting updates, will there be any more in the future?


      Yes. Cal keeps right on coding. As of this morning he's already fixed an issue with bot-play in CCTF and HCTF. That fix is a) available on request now, or b) will be included in next beta release, maybe in a week or so. That's the kind of thing we always did in-house years ago, but these days we're doing some beta testing publicly. For folks who don't mind getting small updates every so often. Others of course can choose to wait until beta isn't called beta anymore.

      If there happens to be anyone who is interested in daily updates, they are welcome to join us in our IRC. We do testing of new builds almost every day on his test server, and we chat on Skype while doing so. Like I said, years ago that was all done privately in-house for months at a time while we got things finalized, this time around we're inviting anyone who is interested to join us.

      We have a few ideas for new features to be added to the mod as well, but for this week especially we'll be focused on fixing any bugs that pop up in 3.8.


        That's really a big surprise to know.
        Also, can I have the IP address to server?
        I might try join if I get free time.


          Certainly. We'd love to have you.

          Get all the info you need right here;

          Or here:
          #chaoticdreams on QuakeNet


            *Me singing Portal's "Still Alive" *


              That's pretty cool. Not a whole lot of new things, but fixes are always good