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Abigail Breslin Voice Pack [Beta 1] [CLOSED]

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    Abigail Breslin Voice Pack [Beta 1] [CLOSED]

    Abigail Breslin Voice Pack for Unreal Tournament 2004

    Version: Beta 1 (Discontinued)
    Release Date: May 12, 2012 (GMT+8, 07:13 PM)
    Type/Size: RAR - 2,227 KB
    Website: (My new homepage)
    Total Unique: Fifty-Five
    Software Used: GoldWave v5.67, Media Player Classic Home Cinema (CCCP), UnrealEd 3.0

    This is a voice pack of the Oscar-nominated American actress Abigail Breslin for UT2004. She's one of my cute and talented actresses that breaks the Hollywood phenomenon by which this is a BETA version 1 of the VP because it is unfinished yet. This is a fourth VP that is for the child/teen star I made up (or should I say a young Hollywood star); roughly I can do some more things yet to come. The quotes were recorded directly from DVDs/Blu-ray Discs in 8-bit monaural @ 22 kHz .WAV format using GoldWave. So far I only got 5 movies of Abigail on my collection listed below in 2008/2009, and I will make some more samples of her if anyone is interested. If you'd like to leave me some feedback, positive or negative, please send me a message at the e-mail address or commenting through this thread. Open for public testing.

    "Today's the day we fight for our piece of the world!"
    "Twelve's the new 20. Gun, please."

    9 Acknowledgments
    4 Names
    5 Friendly Fires
    6 Orders
    13 Other/Miscellaneous
    26 Taunts

    1. Place the .U, .UPL and .INT files in your UT2004\System directory.
    2. Place the .UTX file in your UT2004\Textures directory.
    3. Under the Player or Bot voice drop-down menu, select "Abigail Breslin Beta 1".

    Server administrators may put this VP on their servers if they'd like. To enable the voice pack for online play:
    Open the UT2004.ini file and add the line ServerPackages=AbigailBreslinVP1 under the heading [Engine.GameEngine].

    * Myself for creating this voice pack.
    * Media Player Classic for the great and 'lightweight' media player software.
    * The folks at GoldWave for making awesome audio editing software.
    * All movies of Abigail Breslin are belong to various production/film companies.


    Voice pack is now currently posted on my site. Any feedback is encouraged.


      Finally done with my Abigail Breslin VP as version 1.0 (final with no bugs), I will post the new version to the Full Releases section soon. Please be patient.


        New version is finally here! Full release link: