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[WIP] CTF-Wozokikmaz

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    [WIP] CTF-Wozokikmaz

    Name: CTF-Wozokikmaz
    Version: Alpha WIP
    Compatibility: UT2004
    Comments: CTF map with two bases and 5 paths to get to the enemy fortress, use of teamwork for successful attacking and defending is necessary. This map was inspired by an other game.
    Can of cookies for the person who can guess where the name originates from (Sly. and MDK are not allowed to participate :P)
    Screenshots: See below
    Credits (so far): Sly. for being a great mapping mentor; Feedback givers: MDK, Heimdallr, Budboy, jefe, Hazel H for the Skybox; some creators of custom packages I need to find out and reference
    Homepage: N/A
    Download: N/A yet


    -Build skybox (Thereby also fix up sunlighting, it is too bright as of now)
    -Make doors and hatches open and close with "use" (<- man, these movers drove me nuts! -.-)
    -Distribute pickups
    -Decorate inaccessible landscape around the main playing field
    -Place blocking volumes to prevent players from escaping OR use IonCannon targeting for that
    -Zoning and other performance optimisation
    -Fix up river (Fluid sufaces are placeholders for now)
    Also, swimming is not recommended as the river will be dangerous. ^^
    -make terrain a bit more "irregular" (use noise tool)
    -change tower floor textures
    -make dripping water in the tunnels

    Constructive criticism is welcome!

    No link for a test ????

    When i see your picts, i have some comments (my opinion ofc) :
    a - the map look very huge for a CTF,
    b - the terrain is too flat- you could add some hills and some trees. Don't use the "noise tool", that's crappy.
    c - the walls are little bit too flat, you should add some relief.
    As you use some staticmeshs for the crenels, you should move a bit and inlarge them (because the junction is bit ugly).
    d - Mixe more texture for your building or use some lightings to change the result.
    e - If you wanna optimize, put a anti portal in the middle and change the level of your both base. If your middle area is higher than the both base, the hill could use to put your antiportal.
    But, that break probably your idea about the layout.
    f - change your tower floor texture. really.

    Well, I wait the second try. WIP.
    After, you could add some Vehicules.


      Nope, it's not in a state I want to give it out for public testing yet. ^^

      a - That might be true but it is wanted to be like that.
      b - Noise does not look crappy if used right, i.e. very carefully. Small trees and some rocks for cover will be added.
      c - Will perhaps add some stick-out bricks or something similar. Could you explain a bit more what you mean with the ugly junction?
      d - Hmm, that might be induced to the too strong lighting that is still present.
      e - I am still learning mapping, but I'll consider this point.
      f - *laughs* Okay, if everyone I showed pictures of my map to says this, I will do it. I promise.

      Vehicles may be addded in the ONS version that will be made once this is ready, as it was requested by MDK. I may make a VCTF version too, though.


        you know I kinda like the simplicity of the map

        with the right lighting, and some outdoor decos, that would look great IMO


          Okay, changed tower floor texture. See above in the middle island picture. Is it better now?

          Also, I need to change some emitters for the dripping water. Does someone know which property values control size and frequency?


            is that a grass texture? I can kinda see square patterns in it lol

            maybe you should use a rocky/soil/earth texture then put grass deco here and there??


              I agree with Heimdallr, the noise tool does terrible things. With all the open space, this map seems more suited for VCTF in my opinion.


                Okaydokey, TO-DO-LIST updated. (Green = done, yellow = started, red = not done)

                Some things I ran into and that no one was able to help me with yet:
                -I need an emitter for dripping water. The four tunnels that lead to the main cave under the middle island all go underneath the river, and it was suggested to add dripping water there. Can someone make me one or tell me in which map I could find one? (read: from which map I could rip one off *evil laugh*)
                -I had the idea to make cheering people man the outer walls on some spots, but I want to use playermodel-meshes doing taunt animations instead of the standard 2D-Crowd. Anyone knows how I could do that? ^^ I also want to create some statues with playermodels, can someone tell me how to get their meshes on the map so I can convert them to a static mesh?

                @Budboy: Ehm, it's actually lots of sandy, dirty and grassy textures... I'll see what I can do against that pattern.

                @jefe: Well, I used the noise tool now and it looks allright... But for Christ's sake, if you* stop pointing out how good this would be suited for vehicles, I'll promise to make a VCTF version after the CTF version is done, yes? But please understand that in the original where this is inspired from, it was no-vehicle CTF, and this map is also made for team-work, so more players than normal have to work together to secure the own flag and make successful captures. This is why the open space has a purpose that you will experience once I make the first test release.

                New screenies will perhaps be shown tomorrow.

                * plural you


                  I also want to create some statues with playermodels, can someone tell me how to get their meshes on the map so I can convert them to a static mesh?
                  A simple method to get a "statue" in a cross position would be to place a pawn/Monster/something of that kind, open the Animation Browser, select an animation of a mesh you would like to use and go into the pawn's/monster's/actor's properties. In Display you will find "Mesh". Simply click on "Use". Then your mesh should be a different one. Now you need to convert that actor to a static mesh, just as you would do that with a BSP brush.


                    Yep, that did it!

                    New pictures and slight changes in TO-DO-LIST. See first post.


                      Sly made a cool water dripping emitter for me but now I need to know what properties of an emitter change their spawns per time (for water splashes in the puddle) and also how to turn around emitters, as turning in the viewports does not work for all of them.


                        Originally posted by Baryonyx View Post

                        I hope the "pattern" that Budboy reported is not as visible anymore.

                        but yeah, the square design I was seeing seems to have dissappeared or was lessened


                          Small update:

                          Changes to TO-DO list and new picture.


                            Nice WIP choice.

                            Nice WIP choice Baryonyx. Hope some UT2004/UT3 community users won't disappoint you with your mapping skills mate. Very large-scaled map would be cool for VCTF gametype (and CTF too), now how about the 'Onslaught' version of this map? (Would glad to happy with it, especially the )o( servers will express this map by taking care of.) Kudos!

                            Tux Android


                              Onslaught and VCTF will be done when the CTF version is completed, as I said several times. Interesting what you said about the )o(mnipotents. I'll probably incorporate that anti piracy thing into my map, so it won't get ripped off by ABA and )o(mnipotents lol.