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Name/Title Idea's Plz

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  • Name/Title Idea's Plz

    Hey all, new to the Epic Forums. Currently working on my latest DM map (not that anyones seen my previous ones :P), but I'm stuck on a name at the moment:

    By lagitex at 2012-02-07

    It is set in space on a spacestation (Alien obviously), alot of tech meshes on the go, and alot of green lighting + green emitters.

    Any idea's or suggestions welcome , also more screenshots can be added (this is only the outer area so far, havent started work on the interior yet).



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    Clawigon Mark IV


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      Welcome to the forum!

      Your map looks great so far, keep up the good work! Really looking forward to trying it out.
      I would suggest the name "Krojiar VII", or just "Krojiar" simply because it looks like Skaarj tech and they have such strange names, see Rrajigar mines from Unreal or the (human?) outpost called Darji (probably with some Skaarj background story or name of the region it is located in?) from UT99.


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        Good to see some new mappers are greatly appreciated and always welcome.
        I think this map should be called "Esperanza Outpost". Not on my ideas about the screenie look like.


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          Nice looking map
          How about "Dark Skaarj Station"?


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            Thanks for the reply guys, not that much of a new mapper, been doing em for a fair old time now, just never published any online, IE: via the Epic Forums. I got a few CTF maps (no weapon placements as I was a fully fledged Instagib player back in the day), but currently chucking out some DM maps, nearly 1 every couple of days .



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              The station look like a dead spider or crash spider.

              The name could be "dod edderkop station"