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Best Of Unreal mutator and Impact Hammer Arena

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    Best Of Unreal mutator and Impact Hammer Arena

    Best Of Unreal for UT2004 (including the Impact Hammer from UT99, ImpactHammer Arena Mutator, a crazy Sniper and an optional 6 balls Rocket Launcher)
    released November 6, 2011
    updated November 19, 2011

    Author: -=Musc@t=-
    If you have any questions :

    What is that?
    This is a <<< OWNAGE >>> mutator which mainly changes the sounds of the Ut2004 weapons for UT99 ones and also the sounds of the pickups by the Ut99, UT3 or Ut2003.
    The mutator also replaces some weapons:
    Replace the ShieldGun by the UT99 Impact Hammer (optional).
    Replace the Translocator by a unlimited translocator (optional)
    Replace the Sniper by a custom sniper made with the painter. (eat that!)
    Replace the Rocket Launcher by a 6 grenades/rockets with nice good old sounds (optional).
    Transform the Assault Rifle to fire like a powerful handgun. (UT3 Enforcer damage and speed)
    Replace all other main weapons mainly for the sounds but also for the Ut2003 weapons models (the LinkGun and the Shock Rifle).

    Perhaps I'm gonna add some more stuff before the final release but this is already very cool like this.
    Time to test the beast guys!!!!

    Important: You need UT2004 retail version and the last patch

    unzip : All .int and .u and .ini and .ucl files in your UT2004\system directory
    unzip : All .UTX files in your UT2004\textures directory
    unzip : All .UkX files in your UT2004\Animations directory
    unzip : All .UAX files in your UT2004\Sounds directory
    unzip : All .USX files in your UT2004\StaticMeshes directory

    and add this line for your server, caution it's case sensitive...(if you have Linux server take it seriously)


    in the UT2004.ini (look at the other similar ServerPackages lines)

    Version Beta RC (Release candidate)
    Fixed the classic Rocket Launcher Grenade spin rotation not playing online.
    I do the same for the Assault grenades and why not some more spin.
    Major crazy Sniper mesh modifs and animation (UT3 sniper animation on a modified OnsPainter (new crazy sniper), worth the try? Yes Mom)
    Fixed all the dam bone names in the crazy Unrealed 3 editor
    Fixed and added some 1st et 3rd view stuff for the new weapons.

    Version Beta 3rd one (online test)
    6 Rockets/grenades Launcher option added.
    sounds selection and volume fixed
    UT2003 Shock ammo are back
    some UT2003 sounds added
    Always keep option added
    Impact Hammer Added

    Original Sounds, Animations, meshes from different versions of Unreal Tournament Credit to EPic Game and Digital Extremes.
    A lot of modifications on the original meshes, entire skeletal animation remake for the impact hammer by myself and many other stuff I forget.
    All the integration and coding by me inspired by some code from UT3, UT99 and UT2004 of course including some of my old mutators.
    Man I copy/paste my own code made 7 years ago, What a shame!!!!

    Why this mutator?
    The main reason I made this mutator is to try to get more people online playing UT2004 classic CTF. I think the main problem with UT2004 was the sounds and not be able to play with the custom content of UT99.
    This is a great game.... I mean.. when you add this mutator
    UT3 is great too but a lot of things are missing from UT2004 and the user interface navigation is a Shame for PC users and of course nobody is playing UT3 online. The HEll??? Need to fix that!!!!
    So back to UT2004 for the moment....


    Updated this yesterday. Download it again.
    Let me know if you have any trouble with the files.