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Austin Powers Voice Pack v1.0 [Beta]

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  • Austin Powers Voice Pack v1.0 [Beta]

    Austin Powers Voice Pack for Unreal Tournament 2004
    Version/Release Date: 1.0 Beta – All Saints' Day 2011 (GMT+8, 05:31 PM)

    Here is a UT2004 voice pack of Austin Powers, an hilarious spy character of the 60s from the Austin Powers Trilogy and a parody of James Bond, portrayed by comedian Mike Myers. This voice pack is a combination of the original UT99 version by IronMan_OZ and UT2003 version by |v|ET|-|OD. (UT2003 mods installed doesn't have any localization files so I missed that part of, instead they have some push content files that enables online compatible). He had also played two additional roles, probably two villains, as Dr. Evil and his snippet sidekick Fat Bastard sampled from UT2003 version. Some of the Order and Other events are using the same clips that is used for Double Domination and Capture the Flag gametype. Actually, the Others section includes the unused sounds found in both versions but not "cover all the bases" though. The sounds are now PAL audio format, converted from the pitch value using the Batch Processing window from GoldWave. I'd rather include to make a custom model for the character attached to this voice pack, but I've felt discouraged to improve with my modeling skills and leave it at that. At least, if someone would be making the full model of Austin Powers/Mike Myers that didn't cause a trouble. This voice pack contains foul language throughout, so there was no point in me marking any of the taunts.

    "Oh, behave! Yeah, yeah, baby, yeah!"
    "Do I make you horny, baby, do I? Do I make you Randy?!"

    12 Acknowledgments
    0 Names
    10 Friendly Fires
    9 Orders
    32 Other/Miscellaneous
    48 Taunts

    This is a 'Beta' release of this voice pack because its a combination of the original UT99 version by IronMan_OZ and UT2003 version by |v|ET|-|OD. If I brought the Austin Powers Trilogy on DVD to my country, I will make samples of them on my own and update the voice pack. There are 97 unique sounds in this voice pack and sampled at either 11 kHz or 22 kHz. I've also included the theme song of Austin Powers written in OGG file extension. The music file is appeared through UT2004 music player by pressing F11 while you're in the game and also used for map authors. (You can upload your own map with the music file included.) If you want to use it, just place it to your UT2004\Music directory.

    1. Place the .U, .INT and .UPL files in your UT2004\System directory.
    2. Place the .UTX file in your UT2004\Textures directory.
    3. Run UT2004.
    4. Under the Player or Bot voice drop-down menu, select "Austin Powers v1.0b".

    Server administrators may put this VP on their servers if they'd like. To enable the voice pack for online play:
    Open the UT2004.ini file and add the line ServerPackages=AustinPowersVP1 under the heading [Engine.GameEngine].

    * IronMan_OZ for making the original Austin Powers voice pack for UT9. (I've converted to UT2004).
    * |v|ET|-|OD for making the original Austin Powers voice pack for UT2003. (I've converted also to UT2004).
    * The folks at GoldWave for making awesome audio editing software.
    * Austin Powers Trilogy ©1997, 1999, 2002, New Line Cinema.


    Austin Powers Voice Pack v1.0 Beta

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    Voice pack added to my Dropbox space in both ZIP and 7Z file formats. (see above)


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      Bump! Changing sound URLs and six download links of this VP added (three ZIPs and three 7Zs): my new homepage,, and unrealloco's mirror/site