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[Zencoder] Uses Sixshooter's & Ravens MP5

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    [Zencoder] Uses Sixshooter's & Ravens MP5

    From PlanetUnreal

    Zencoder Update - Fragmaster -
    1/16/03 10:27 PST - UT2003 Modifications
    Zencoder has screenshots of Raven's MP5 from Prefab Lab working in-game in UT2003.

    I'm putting out a weapons map pack this weekend which contains 3 new weapons and one new adrenaline mod. I'm also including all the files with the map pack so that other UT2003 mappers can easily add the new weapons to their maps. Mappers will be able to start using the MP5 this weekend!

    That weapon really does look fine
    Some questions though, first what is that preview map? and Is he (Zencoder, dunno if that's you) talking about selling this thing??? So are we getting this for free or not:bulb:?

    If it's for free I'll be looking forward to it though


      Ghandi aka Zencoder has posted more details here:

      Unreal Playground

      Look for the threads started by Ghandi.


        If it's skinned by six it's gotta be good. :up:


          I've had to remove the MP5Raven map from my servers because it's not compatible with UTSecure. Whenever the MP5 map loads everyone gets booted with this message.

          Modified Package Detected

          The server has determined the set hack Illegal pickup [CTF-{Z}MP5Raven.mp5pickup] Drawscale is not allowed.

          Please restart and do not load any script hacks to play here.


            Are these new weapons, or just the assult rifle and flack cannon with new meshes?


              The weapons are new weapons with new firing animations and variations on the actual weapon fire classes. I did not realize that UTSecure did not allow scaling of weapons.

              thanks for the feedback on UTSecure! I'll have to rescale the weapons in 3dstudio max. And I'll have to get a copy of UTSecure to test with.

              Big thanks to gusher and prefablab for providing the models and skins! I'm not selling this thing. I'm giving the mod away for free.

              I'm thinking about selling the psa and psk files that I put together for the mod. But to do that I'll have to get permission from epic gusher, Raven, Sixshooter and Lonewolf first.

              I'm also working on converting addional meshes and animating them for unreal. My idea is to have a complete weapons pack and vehicle pack to sell for 24.95 each. I will also give away a few additional free weapons and vehicles in maps and mods.

              The weapons pack will have additional weapons not available in the free version.


                is there any way to use the mp5 or the shotgun in an arena mod?

                I love the weapons, but there's only a few maps that are made with them, and I'd like to do some arena games with the mp5 or the shotgun.

                can these be made into a .u file so they can be added?


                  I am going to release a mod soon that replaces the standard assault rifle with the MP5 and the flak cannon with the benneli... I've got to fix some bugs with UTsecure first....


                    excellent :up:

                    can't wait for it


                      what about some kinda dropship
                      i didnt see eny drop**** in this game

                      but teh textures where there


                        The drop ship is near the flag bases... Its the one with all the steam coming off of it...

                        Here is a couple of screenies for any one who read this far in the forum:

                        Plus check out the cool site at its got tons of custom maps with no wait for download.

                        Plus check out the cool site at thats where I got the MP5 and Beneli mesh and skin from. Its got tons of models for UT mappers and modders.


                          hmmmmm any updates for the mutator's to use these weapons in arena style?


                            Not yet... working on my own video game at the moment... this has been put on the back burner...

                            But for all those interested in importing new weapons meshes... here is a brief overview of how i did it:

                            I added some new wepaon meshes and I thought it might be useful to give a brief overview of the process...

                            You can download the map containing the new weapons here:


                            New class objects needed:

                            1. Weapon
                            2. Weapon Fire
                            3. Inventory Attachment
                            4. Pick up
                            5. Pick up base

                            New Mesh Objects:

                            1. Static Mesh for Pickup
                            2. Mesh for Weapon + (animations)
                            3. 3rd Person Mesh

                            Max files:
                            1. Add bones for "tip" and "tip2" to weapon
                            2. Animate Fire, Altfire and Idle

                            Unreal Files
                            .psk for mesh
                            .psa for animation
                            .ase for static mesh import

                            the only way I know to get weapons into unreal
                            requires the use of 3d studio max. You have to get a
                            mesh first in 3ds format. I suggest
                            to find a mesh in 3ds format.

                            1. Next you import the 3ds file into max... then you
                            export it as a .ase file. This is the static mesh.

                            2. Then you add two bones "tip" and "tip2" and postion
                            them inside the weapon. This is done for the muzzle
                            flash effects. You then group the bones with the
                            Then you export the mesh (using the actorx plug in
                            obtained freely form epic) as a .psk file.

                            3.Next you animate the weapon for fire, altfire and
                            idle. And then you export that (using the actorx plug
                            in obtained freely form epic) as a .psa file.

                            4. You open unreal ed and import the .ase file as
                            static mesh with the static mesh browser. Assign the
                            .bmp skin using the materials array at the bottom. ( I
                            forgot to mention but you need to import the .bmp skin
                            files into the texture browser )

                            5. import the .psk file using the animations tab.
                            Assign the skin by setting the materials array to .bmp
                            skin files as mentioned above to the new weapon mesh
                            created form the .psk file..

                            6 import the .psa animation file. Name the animation
                            package stargate_1 (just an example pick any name)

                            7. append another .psa file to stargate_1 (do not
                            import) ... continue appending until you have fire,
                            altfire and idle in the stargate_1 animation package.

                            8. Assign stargate_1 as the default animation for the
                            weapon mesh.. The next wepaon mesh should have another amination file name.

                            9. Create a pickupclass assign the static mesh

                            10. Create a weapon class assign it the psk file mesh.

                            11. Create an inventory attachment... rotate your mesh
                            180 degrees so its upside down and backwards and
                            export a new psk file... my_weapon_3rd.psk then import
                            that, assign the skin .bmp files and set the mesh for
                            the 3rd person view to the new 3rd_person mesh. ( This 3rd person view is in the inventory attachment class )

                            12. assign the new weapon fire classes and link all
                            the attachments and pickups together under the
                            properties of each object.

                            13. code all the additional stuff.

                            14. test and redo stuff.

                            And thats the short version.

                            Best of luck!


                              hey guys!!! zencoders please i been looking alll over on how to redo the skin for the shotgun!! instead of grey my clan wants it black and i made a texture but i dont no how to apply the texture of the black skin in please help