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    FreezeGUTS beta 0.7 Update

    I have uploaded a new beta version of FreezeGUTS. Configuration of the main FreezeGUTS parameters is now supported through the in-game GUI, the Ini-File, and through the command line options.
    • Added configuration options for melting and thawing behaviour, overtime health drain, vehicle support, self-inflicting friendy fire option, and bot thawing behaviour. Have a look at the FreezeGUTS readme for more information.
    • Added option for separate configuration of friendly fire and self-damaging friendly fire.
    • Added option to limit number of simultaneous thawers (bot AI) which can reduce the 'hording' effect and enhance the bot overall thawing capabilities.
    • Added option for increased thawing health amount depending on the number of current non-frozen thawers.
    • Added bot balance teams calculation during ongoing rounds.

    Please, feel free to test the new configuration options for FreezeGUTS and let me know if you find any 'better' configuration than the default one


      heres a mirror for beta v07b


        make for you cant damage your self in this GAME MODE


          Please, get FreezeGUTS version 0.7b. Made this a configurable option with version 0.7b. Self-damaging friendly fire is deactivated by default in version 0.7b and can be enabled through the game option configuration.


            FreezeGUTS [v073b]

            I have uploaded a new beta version of FreezeGUTS with some slight modifications and bug fixes. New main features:

            • Added specularity shader to frozen textures and changed frozen texture animation
            • Added custom player beacon with frozen health bar showing percentage of thawing status
            • Exchanged booster combo fx effects with tiny flames when used in frozen state

            • Added round time limit with health drain in round overtime.
            • Also removed health, shield, adrenaline, and weapons during overtime phase
            • Adrenaline consumption stops at round end ... so you don't loose anymore adrenaline before the next round starts

            • Round timelimit
            • Instagib mode as option

            Screenshots are updated on the first page of this thread. More changes are noted in the version history file within the package. The latest beta version can be downloaded here:

            Remark: if you had installed a previous version of FreezeGUTS you might remove the file 'Sounds/FreezeGutsSounds.uax' ... the sound file has been renamed.


              For those who are keeping the download error from GameFront, try these two links I uploaded.



                Thx Tux! Mirror links are added to the root entry of this thread!