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Betrayal from UT3 [beta 7]

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    Betrayal from UT3 [beta 7]

    Dear friends of healthy paranoia and cultivated Instagib slaughtering, by popular request I present to you:
    Betrayal (beta 7)

    "Betrayal, what?" - If you haven't heard of the UT3 game type Betrayal yet, I recommend you watch one of the Betrayal guides available online, for example A Guide To BETRAYAL by VoxHouseStudio. It'll tell you about the basic gameplay mechanics, as they are in UT3. I tried to merge the general Betrayal rules and feel into UT2004 gameplay, making UT2004 players feel as comfortable as possible.

    "Yuck, Instagib!" - To be honest, I don't like Instagib either. But Betrayal for UT2k4 doesn't strictly force you to play with the Super Shock Rifle. As you may (or may not) know, I also created the Mercury Missiles mod. Betrayal comes with a separate mutator that replaces the Super Shock Rifle with the Instagib Mercury Missile Launcher, in case you don't like the instant-hit gameplay that standard Instagib creates. But if you do play with the Super Shock Rifle, I also added "unlagging" to it, i.e. server-side ping compensation for online play.

    The current state is, that gameplay, AI and user interface are pretty much done. Some tweaks here and there might still be required, though.

    Just because someone will try sooner or later: Betrayal is incompatible to UTComp and there are no intentions (or reasonable ways) to change that.
    Remember to add to ServerPackages if you want to record working demos, even in offline play. (But that applies to about any other mod as well.)

    Some screenshots explaining the HUD and scoreboard:

    (top right widget in online/LAN play only)

    (Net column in online/LAN play only)

    Originally posted by Wormbo View Post
    (pardon the lack of thread icon, I couldn't pick any - flak, care to fix?)
    This! Is! SPARTA!


      Holy ****, this may very well be one of my new favourite game types. I've always been something of a knob when it comes to my bots, but now I get rewarded for it? Sign me the hell up. LOL. SO much fun. I got the pot of frags up to over 60 once (you reeeeally have to watch out for your "teammate"...) and then BLAMMO! Even worse than Judas. Right in the face.

      This is incredible lol.

      edit: I've played so much of this already, lol. I've already assassinated teammates for 0 points in the pot, just cause. :P


        Very nice work Wormbo.

        Uk server here: ut2004://

        End game ping shows at least 20*actual ingame ping.
        Bots don't react to betrayal shots as if they would for enemy fire - is that possible? They just ignored me repeatedly not-quite-betraying them

        Bright skins like Freon would be really nice for oldies like me.

        I kept on getting hits on bots not being registered. Maybe I missed - but some of the shots were with them crouching and stationary... Probably me being rubbish.


          Could be unlagging acting up. Try disabling it. If your ping is off, it might overcompensate.
          Bots will only react to betrayal attempts if they make sense. In other words, if you betray with, say, less than 6 points in the pot, the bot would benefit more from the retribution points later than betraying you and later risking giving you the retribution points.

          I don't really see much reason for brightskins, as there are those huge billboard triangles over players' heads.


            Sometimes my teammates won't betray me when the pot's up to 15, 20 or even more, until they kill someone (usually after respawning.) If I "test" them with a red beam, they sometimes stop and turn to face me (which is when they get a blue beam in the face). I've tested teammates who wouldn't shoot me for 15 points though. Sometimes I rack up the pot, sometimes I figure "well, if he won't shoot me, I guess I'll have to shoot him..." lol.


              Good catch, I'll have another look at the AI again.


                It doesn't happen all the time and it doesn't break the game. I think it's if you're the first one they see, and the pot is high enough, they will fire at you. And if they kill their target, and you're in their line of sight, they will fire at you. I think it's just if they're focused on someone else at the time.


                  Originally posted by Wormbo View Post
                  I don't really see much reason for brightskins, as there are those huge billboard triangles over players' heads.
                  I see the triangles - but I found it difficult to see the bot as they emerged. Maybe too used to super-yellow-neon-bright Freon player skins on those maps. I don't have any problems seeing players in ONS.


                    Nem: The bots really only think about betrayals after they made a kill or someone is trying to betray them. Obviously they should think about betrayal based on any pot increase, not only if they increase the pot.

                    Piglet: I guess I could add an option to further bump up the player brightness, but I definitely won't include special skins or skin overlays.


                      I think it's more along the lines of a "**** off, I'm busy shooting at this guy, no time for you" kind of thing. When the pot gets high enough, you become their only priority, and they will purposely forego shooting anyone EXCEPT you.


                        How do you configure a server voteable for both insta and mercury without using gamemake or something similar?

                        It would be good to have both voteable....

                        by the way, spectators show on scoreboard (or did when Fueg joined into spec earlier)


                          If you're using UT2Vote, you might have to slap Proasm. If you use the built-in mapvote, just create two voting configs and set both to Betrayal. One needs the Mercury Missiles mutator enabled, the other some other mutator because otherwise it won't change mutators. If you don't want any other mutators, you can select something like UDamage Reward, which won't have any effect in Betrayal.



                            Another thread here at Titan


                              Beta 5 is out - grab it from the first post!

                              Relevant changes:
                              • The stats screen was entirely replaced.
                              • Teammates and rogues who betrayed you now apply a team-colored or yellow glow to their immediate surrounding area.
                              • That team skins bug was fixed. (Often players would end up having red skin even as your teammate.)
                              • Spawn point selection was tweaked so you spawn somewhat closer to your teammates or the rogue who betrayed you. The new algorithm also attempts to spawn you somewhere out of nearby players' sight.
                              • To make the stats screen more fun, multi kills are now also tracked for bots. (UT2004 doesn't do that.) Additionally multi kill handling beyond Holy **** (or Ludicrous if you turned off mature language) ha been improved. Such a long multi kill is counted only as a single Holy ****, but the stats screen will keep track of your best over all multi kill as something like "HOLY ****! +4" if you heard "Holy ****" five times while owning enemies.
                              • Some log spam fixes for server and client side.

                              (Funny how they put it in the game but censor it here... )