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[WIP-PreRelease] DM-Favella_Town_[S88] (progress & ideas thread)

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    [WIP-PreRelease] DM-Favella_Town_[S88] (progress & ideas thread)

    EZ all UT players! I've decided to finally make a dedicated thread for an OLD map I've been working on (on and off) for the past 2 years. Originally I wanted to make it into a single player experience, but I've decided for now, to keep things simple, gameplay wise, and release it as a DM map. Theres also the potential for a CTF map, due to the layout of the level (a large two sided town situated on a hill, with a mansion at the bottom, and topmost areas of the map(this was where I would've housed the flags))

    As I said, with this map, I've not been working intensively on it, thats why its taking so long, but out of all the maps I've worked on (quite a few, on practically all Unreal engine games), this is one I've felt most seriously about, and I REALLY want to complete it. Everything except the idea of a town, has been made up as I go along, no planning, just spontaneous creation, and I think it adds a certain feel to the map. If you've ever been to the Kasbah in Tangier Morocco (thats where my inspiration came from, an old holiday LOL), you should hopefully get what I mean.

    Right now I'd say the map is 60% complete. I only have a few more buildings to make and place, but I think I'm going to be forced to keep the other half of the map empty, due to performance limitations. Still, even with only half the town playable, its a fairly big play area, and the main point of this map, is that every building (except the houses, for now) is explorable, like the Nightclub, the 3 story Hotel, the Brothel, the Pub, all the Shops, the Sewers, the Mansion etc. The map is also about 98% BSP, which is starting to cause problems such as BSP holes, which I dont know how to fix, so I had to cover them up with static meshes!

    Heres some screens of the map so far, and I'll make a list of all the bugs & issues I can find!:-

    The Hotel

    The Pub above the underground Nightclub

    View of the Old Chapel and water feature thingy

    The Mansion at the highest point of the town

    Street in the residential area

    Below the Cafe decking

    One of the Shops

    A View of the Old Memorial / Castle Ruin type place

    An aerial shot of the town so far

    LOL I could only add two more pictures! Theres an 9 pic limit!

    Some known issues:-

    -Bots NEVER enter the sewers, even though theres a relatively clean pathnode track going through it
    -Bots get stuck on the stairs in the mansion (if theres more than 2 bots in the same area)
    -Bots get stuck around the entrance/corridor of the nightclub (congestion again I think, like on the stairs)
    -There was an "invisible hole" in the ground by the hotel, where you basically fall through the floor and into the black void (I "fixed" it by "patching" it up with a couple of static meshes
    -Bots seem to almost avoid entering some areas, particularly the back-streets in the residential area (unless they're chasing somebody)
    -Its taking too long to complete this map!


    Well, I've just hit a HUGE problem. I can no longer add anymore BSP, or do any BSP editing. Now, every time I try to do anything with BSP, the scaling and allignment is completely messed up. Say I went to make a 50x50x50 cube, and I hit Ctrl+A, the cube I get would actually be around 70x70x70, and in a different place than where I had the builder brush. Heres a screenshot to show you what I mean:-

    I placed a cube brush, and hit de-intersect, so it avoids everything that overlaps other brushes, but looking at the diagonal line shows you how bad the problem is. Theres nothing I can do now, its like this no matter what I do. Theres 15 backups of the map, but the last backup is a pretty long way back in terms of progress.

    Dont ask me what all those flickering black dots are about, never used to do that, but they dont really bother me anyway.


      You're making sure that all of your brushes "align to"/"are snapped to" the grid right? BSP generally behaves badly if too many angles are introduced or non multiples of power of two are used (e.g. 48=3x16 is good, 50 is bad).

      Also, have you made sure that you did not inadvertently change the drawscale of the builder brush? You should be able to right click on it and select the Transform=Transform Permanently (or something like that).

      [EDIT] You could also try selecting the brush, then typing "actor align" in the console line at the bottom of the UEd window, that should force snap the brush's vertices to the grid.


        Thanks for that! I'll try it when I get back on tomorrow! Hopefully things can continue!


          that map actually looks good

          *is a sucker for city maps with enterable buildings*


            This map gives me wonderful UT99 vibes.

            Hoboy I loved that game.


              Thanks for the positive feedback guys. Man Im still not able to get rid of this problem though. Its like the builder brush has just contracted some kind of map ruining disease.

              I'll post some more screens anyway, until I figure out whats causing glitch.


                If you're having serious problems with your map file you might have some luck by exporting your map to T3D and then reimporting the T3D into a fresh file.

                You can also open the T3D file in Notepad and look and see if you've got any extraordinarily weird or off-grid brushes (e.g. your builder brush) and manually correct them.


                  I am not sure to understand all.

                  But, some questions
                  When you select your red brush, the Drawscale3D are all at 1(bottom of the windows)
                  And, inside the proprities of the red brush
                  Drawscale3D; x=1; y=1; z=1

                  If you don't have that, your problem are that.


                    Will you add more city type objects like stret signs, trash bags, stret lamps and stuff like that? Would make it look more city like in my opinion.
                    But I like what you did so far, keep going! As Budboy, I love city maps!


                      looks very cool, but why so dark?
                      I can no longer add anymore BSP
                      seems like you've exceeded the maximum number of BSP brushes
                      as i see this map is a bsp-only map so it's quite possible(


                        The map looks great! Congratulations! We have a download link?


                          Exceeded BSP? Downsize a little I say....

                          Screenies looks nice, but like someone already suggested, add more eye candy later.

                          I'm another city map lover. Juergen Vierheilig is a god!!


                            Well, Im back, but Im not sure how much further I can go with this map. Its pretty frustrating and disheartening that I've just "reached the end of the line" and theres nothing else I can do but leave the map unfinished.

                            I really dont want to abandon it, since its been an on-off project of mine since about 2009, adding a little every so often, until I got to the stage its at now. None of it was planned or designed, all just "off the cuff", making it up as I go along.

                            I guess I could release the map as it is now, but I really wish I could finish it. It looks okay on the screens, but thats just because I've not shown the "empty areas" and problem areas.

                            I might try completely removing the other half of the map, which is currently empty (where the south half of town was originally intended to be(thats how overly ambitious I was LOL!)). If that allows me to continue with the map then I'll be happy as a pig in sh*t.

                            The reason the map is so dark is because I was trying to create a sort of "magical" atmosphere, or the type of atmosphere you get in games like Thief 3, Deus Ex (in the Hong-Kong especially) and Bioshock, where the only true visibility is created by vividly coloured lights, scattered about. That, and the fact its supposed to be in the dead of night, like 2am or something. I have the moon sorted out, but no stars yet (or distant planes going by, appearing as blinking lights moving across the sky, theres an idea).

                            I'll let you all know what happens and post back soon.


                              Bumping because

                              Originally posted by Budboy View Post
                              that map actually looks good

                              *is a sucker for city maps with enterable buildings*