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[MAPS-ALL]Problem On Many Custom Maps-Level Designers Please Read[DEFICIENCY]

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    Re: You know there might a reason why...

    Originally posted by Toonces T. Cat
    :haha: ...There's actually a pretty darned good reason. As there's no mesh for the UT Sniper Rifle and Ammo for UT2003, it can only be used as a "Starting Weapon." And, as the Shield Gun has no ammo pick-ups, it's not really an option...Finally, some players actually like (although I'll never understand why... ) the Lightning Gun. Using the UT Sniper Rifle as a start-up weapon allows both of them to be in the game at the same time.

    Once someone cooks up the proper meshes, it can be made into a sub-class and be it's own weapon without replacing something else...But, for now it's replace the Assault Rifle or don't use the mutes in combination.

    Still of all the weapons available ... I still think that picking the lightninggun-mesh, -pickups & ammo as a placeholder-graphics would have been a lot better (and easier for server-admins ).
    I guess you just have to wait for the next version before adding that ugly thing on your servers ...


      SwitchArsenal v 3b supports any weapon to be a starting weapon. So you can set the Minigun to sniper rifle and have ammo for the Sniper rifle on the map, for example.