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    Jesus, I'll just email them.

    edit: There, I did it.


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      Originally posted by LIPRampage View Post
      Where did can i get VCTF4 gametype?I google it and i just find maps, can someone help please?

      will lead you to:

      not a final version as pd_/PaD said.


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        Originally posted by lilalurl View Post


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          Got a response.

          Originally posted by Nintendo

          Hi (my name),

          I appreciate your interest in Nintendo and all our video game products. To us, it represents a great sign of success and recognition of the Nintendo brand.

          We are grateful for all the requests we receive for permission to use the music Mario Kart for you game; however, we receive thousands of requests and do not have adequate staffing to review them all. Therefore, our general policy is to decline all such requests, no exceptions. I realize this isn’t what you wanted to hear and thank you for understanding.

          Although we are unable to grant permission, use of Nintendo properties without our formal permission may still be allowed depending on the circumstances. You are encouraged to seek your own legal counsel if you have any questions about whether your particular proposed use is permitted without Nintendo's authorization. This is not a comment on whether we believe your particular proposed use is permissible—Nintendo cannot provide legal advice.


          Bruce Mann
          Nintendo of America Inc.
          Basically what they're saying is they're not saying no because they don't want us to use it, they're saying no because it's the default answer as opposed to sifting through thousands of requests and they don't have the manpower, and that I should basically pay a lawyer so he can tell me "You're not making money, so no big deal".

          Just do it. They don't seem to care much, they're just saying "we say no as a default answer so people won't inundate us with questions".


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            Originally posted by lilalurl View Post
            Atention who download this:


            UT2004 patch 3369(my 3339 version not runned, needed to install 3369 on it to it run)
            UT2004 ECE Bonus pack
            CTF4 mod.

            Just to who wants to download it, have it files and you can download it with no problem!


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              I hate any Nintendo content, but this map is really awesome!


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                Looks fun. Reminds me of CTF-Suess in an old, warm familiar way.


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                  Very fun!

                  This map is very fun and needs the preview shot for the game (don't mind about it because this map is version RC1). 8-bit textures are likeable to me (including chess board floor, stripes and bricks) and the bots are quite good at. In fact, the music background played well on Mario Kart music themes, the Austin Powers theme song (music included on my Austin Powers Voice Pack for UT2004), or anything by pressing F11 for the music player.

                  PS: I'm using one of the internet radio stations I've been currently listening to while playing this map with no music in the game.


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                    Thank you, this was a very easy faithful remake as it's very low poly. I was even lucky to get the scaling right with the first try (one dodgejump to jump from one fort to the other when not using the lower bridge). I placed the flags on the edges so you can also do a nice impactjump/shieldjump with the flag when coming from the bottom. The health packs are there to allow the player to make an impactjump without killing himself. I hope people are making use of this.
                    I still have no idea what music (preferably default music) to use for this one after all these months, so if anybody has a suggestion, post it here so I can finally get this done. lol


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                      Great Map! used DMEverywhere mod to play this map as a deathmatch instead of CTF and it was great! I simply pressed F11 as TuxAndroid mentioned and loaded up the music from Mario64_bo-omb battlefield. Lots of found memories from Mario Kart 64. I remember one time i played so long with my little cousins that afterwards, everytime i closed my eyes i saw karts and shells. true story.


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                        Thank you very much!
                        Sorry, totally missed this reply as I'm very busy, in about a month I should have more sparetime to finish this and get back to the UCBP textures, currently I just cannot even sit down in front of the UEd for long, either I'm too tired or I just don't have the time.
                        I can do a DM version afterwards if you want, that's just a few quick moves, some weapon and playerstart changes and one rebuild so it shouldn't take much time. Do you have any idea for the music I could use (preferably default UT2004 music, I thought about one of the Level tracks, but I'm not sure about which one yet)?


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                          I would love to see a CTF4 version of this, the colour scheme is right for it.


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                            Well, I don't know a lot about CTF4, whether we're allowed to use it for mapping or not. I think, some time ago it was still a WIP or something of that kind and we were not allowed to use it yet as there were bugs. If it's already fixed and we may use it, I wouldn't mind taking a look at it and see how mapping works for that gametype.

                            By the way, do you have any special request for a soundtrack (preferably default tracks)? I have a really hard time finding one, I tend to use one of the Level tracks for this map, however, I'm not sure which one.


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                              Yeah, well, it's not going to be worked on anymore obviously, so hell with it. lol.

                              I would use the sound track from Mario Kart 64 that is used on Block Fort, myself.


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                                @ the 1st paragraph: Hey Sly., I can help you with that (at least if you accepted my request yet ), I just downloaded the CTF4 mod a year ago and I think I have some few demonstrations for the Green and Gold teams with additional botpaths (seeming the bots are unlikely good/average), and some other stuffs (there's also a TDM4, BR4 and VCTF4 as always) using UnrealEd, first time for mapping and I think I'm really NOOB at this, no such word. Intended to require the mod with this map as a CTF4 version. Offering a special beta test soon and see how the CTF4 map really look like.

                                OR, you can just skip the first paragraph of mine to make an own CTF4 version of this map (without me) by reading the following guide:

                                @ the 2nd paragraph: Just listen to the default music tracks and prefer which is the best one you chosen to get playing this map with music background. For the best one, use the UT99 music as seen on chrisl121212's sig.