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    Hey, you forgot to change three things:

    Texture LODSet(it should be set as a PlayerSkin)
    Texture Normal LOD(normal is 1, but for 2048x2048 textures i recommend 2)
    Texture SurfaceType(normal is Default, but this is metal,right?So, it should be EST_Metal)

    The rest is all right
    Cant wait for the Beta 2




      I am happy to see that lots of people donwloaded this mutator:

      MediaFire: 83 downloads
      Levels-4-You: 41 downloads
      UTZone: 57 downloads

      This all together gives 181 downloads of my vehicle. I am really happy with this Never tought I would get so many downloads



        MediaFire: 85
        Levels-4-You: 48
        UTZone: 60

        193 Downloads of the vehicle

        Time to see if I make some progress on this.


          gl for it xp



            Also, came up with a formula that will allow me to bring some values from UT3 to UT2k4.
            First I was trying to make it using gavity values (-520 for UT3, -950 for UT2k4) but it did not worked well. Then I found in the UT3's viper original code 3 values in the default properties:
            Using the JumpForceMag of 600.0 from UT3, multiplying it by 0.9 (NormalGravity), then again for 0.9 (CustomGravityScaling), by 0.3 (GlidingGravity) and in the end I divided the result by 2.

            This would then be:
            ( 600 * 0.9 * 0.9 * 0.3 ) / 2

            The result of this is:
            ( 600 * 0.9 * 0.9 * 0.3 ) / 2 = ( 540 * 0.9 * 0.3) / 2 = ( 486 * 0.3 ) / 2 = 145.8 / 2 = 72.9

            This value of 72.9 is almost the value that the Viper's latest version uses. Curently it is using a value of 72.0 wich emulates very well the ut3 viper.

            Complete Formula, using jumping parameters (so I allways have it somewere):
            ( JumpMag * NormalGravity * CustomNormalGravity * GlidingGravity ) / 2


              Still need to figure out the magic formula that will make me able to finish the selfdestruct system. I had one, but forgot xD


                Hocus Pocus?

                And in case you ever watched the Creamy anime (you may be a bit young to have seen this, but perhaps there are some re-run on Portuguese TV), Pampuru pimpuru pampoppun! Pimpuru pampuru pampoppun!


                  Nop, never saw it xD

                  I think it was Wingardium Leviosa. Levitate Spell


                    just ask on programming and unreal scirpt for self destruct xp


                      Bumping thread for further development diary.

                      Currently working on: Rewriting whole vehicle.


                        Wish you good luck!
                        For an alpha it was a nice vehicle already even with its flaws.


                          I know, but just by looking at that code, I get confused because of all the hacky ways I used.


                            I may just release a new version with a few minor changes since I'm working on a bigger project at the moment. I can't yet say what the project is, but I'll let you know when I can.


                              Download Count & Announcement

                              Download Count:
                              Levels-4-You: 48 (Last known value, link is dead).
                              UTZone: 155
                              MediaFire: 191

                              Total Downloads: 394!!

                              This project has been reactivated two days ago (16-2-2012).

                              Whole vehicle reprogram:
                              The vehicle has been completly redone from scratch having the old code has a base (for faster progress).

                              The animation code was partially redone and new code has been added. Strafe and fast/slow movement animations haven't been implemented yet, so when driving, the animation will be the forward slow driving animation.
                              The jump animations now take advantage of animation tweening to make the transitions between animations smoother.
                              Added midaird wings open animation if the driver is pressing jump or altfire.

                              Self-Destruct System:
                              Explosion radius reduced from 1750 to 600.
                              Explosion damage reduced from 1000 to 600.
                              Self-Destruct ready sound added (you now know when you can self-destruct).
                              When the self-destruct gets activated the Viper will boost to where the driver was aiming at, making you able to get the maximum efficience.

                              The projectile has been reset to the Manta's plasma guns temporarily.

                              Jump System:
                              The jump system has been changed, so that the Viper does not only jump when on the ground, but when at 175 units above an Actor. This allows you to jump using walls, just like in UT3.

                              To Do List:
                              Add the strafe and the speed changing animations.
                              Tweak some play rates and tween times.

                              Add the ability to glide.

                              Self-Destruct System:
                              Add bullseye announcement when directly hits a Pawn or one of his child actors and deal damage to that actor besides the radius damage.
                              Make it take more damage when boosting for self-destruct.

                              Make a new projectile.

                              Fix the bug that restricts you to be on top of the vehicle in order to get in it.

                              I'm happy that this got to 394 downloads, never tought it would get that many.
                              Beta 1 should come out until wednesday.



                                Added driver eject sound.
                                Changed explosion sound.
                                When boosting for self destruct, if a pawn or one of his childs is hit, it will take more damage. (Later bullseye sound will be played).
                                Minor changes to make it feel more like the original (including roll when strafing so you are really able to jump using walls).
                                Selfdestruct ready sound volume increased from 1.0 to 2.0.
                                When coming close to the ground (3 times the distance needed for a jump) the jump end animation is played if it was gliding.
                                Added replication to the Self-Destruct ready sound and to the driver eject sound.