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Heal Link Gun Full Release [Link]

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    Heal Link Gun Full Release [Link]

    Name: Heal Link Gun
    Version: Full Release
    Compatibility: Unreal Tournament 2004 latest patch (Does not works in UT2003 since there are UT2k4 ONS references).
    Description: Barionyx used a difrent weapon set, and he wanted a Link Gun that wouldn't damage, just heal, so he headed to the forums and asked if this existed. After some time 100GPing100 (zeluis) saw the thread and said that he could creat the weapon for him, so this is why this weapon exists.
    Comments: I hope you enjoy this weapon, wich idea's came from initially Barionyx for a gun that wouldn't deal damage, only heal vehicles and nodes, and then it envolved to a weapon that also heals team mates wich idea came from FewPosts.
    Screenshot: NA
    Credits: 100GPing100 (zeluis) for the weapon coding, Barionyx for the idea, Wormbo for the weapon replacement coding.
    HomePage: NA
    (NOTE: You are allowed to create more mirrors, but keep the .zip file unchanged)
    (Final Release Thread)
    In this version, the only changes made were code clean up.

    -Cleaned up the code.
    *Removed unecessary lines.

    (Release Candidate 2)
    In this version of the weapon the ammo system is fixed and online compatibility is added.

    -Fixed Ammo system.
    *Weapon now uses or not ammo correctly depending on the mutator's settings.
    *Ammo pickup is now removed when use ammo is False.
    -Online compatibility added.

    (Release Candidate 1)*
    In this version of the weapon, you can configure the Weapon Slot for the Heal Link Gun.

    -Default healing ammount changed from 10 to 7.
    -The Heal Link Gun weapon slot is now configurable.
    *You can configure this in the mutators properties page.
    *Weapon slot can be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0.
    *You first select the button that activates costum weapon slot and then you choose the weapon slot.

    (Beta 6)*
    This version of the weapon has a lot of changes, you can now configure some major things in the mutator's properties and some bugs were fixed.

    -Team mates healing ammount changed to a static value of 10.
    *This value will now not be changed by link chains.
    *This value is configurable in the mutator properties page.
    -Fixed a bug that would keep the Link Gun in the game when starting with the Heal Link Gun.
    -Players can now spawn with the Heal Link Gun or pick it up.
    *This can be changed in the mutator's properties.
    *When spawning with the Heal Link Gun the previously places were the Link Gun spawned will not have it, weapon bases are removed and the weapon is removed form weapon lockers, Link Gun Ammo is also removed.
    -Fixed a bug that would link the gun to dead bodies.
    -The Heal Link Gun can now use ammo or have infinit ammo.
    *This can be changed in the mutator's properties.
    *When using ammo, there will be ammo pickups were the Link Gun's ones were previously.
    *When not using ammo the old Link Gun ammo pickups will be removed.

    (Beta 5.1)*
    This version of the weapon is the same has Beta 5, but the weapon slot has been changed to 1 due to some requests. (Note that this weapon is the same has Beta 5 the only change is the slot of the weapon being 1 and not 5.)

    -Weapon slot changed to 1 due to some requests.

    (Beta 5)*
    In this version of the weapon the AI have been upgraded so they don't try to use the weapon to kill enemies.

    -Weapon slot changed back to 5 due to players being unable to choose the Impact Hammer with weapon scrolling. (if you still want it in slot 1 download Beta 5.1)
    -AI have been updated so they now do not try to use the weapon to kill enemies, since this weapon does not deals damage they wouldn not succede.
    -AI link more often to team mates that are healing a node instead of linking to the node it self.
    -Weapon and Mutator description changed to give credits to FewPosts too.

    (Beta 4)*
    In this version of the weapon players spawn with it and it does not uses ammo.

    -Player now spawns with the weapon;
    -Weapon does not uses ammo;
    -Weapon slot changed to 1.
    -Weapon primary fire now does not spends ammo when the target is fully healed, this because the weapon now does not uses ammo.

    (Beta 3)*
    This version of the weapon fixed a bug of beta 2 that wouldn't allow you to heal team mates. NOTE: in this version the primary fire (Left button) spends ammo when firing to a node, vehicle and team mate even if he is fully healed.

    -Fixed a problem with the weapon not healing team mates;
    -You can now lock your weapon on team mates that are not using the link gun;
    -Changed healing done from 10 to (10 / 4) * (1.5*NumberOfLinks+1) * InstigatorDamageScaling.

    (Beta 2)*
    This version of the weapon allows you to not only heal vehicles and nodes, but also to heal team mates. (Version not tested yet)

    -Fixed the problem of the gun not healing nodes;
    -Increased damage from 9 to 10;
    -Now also heals team mates (Not working).

    (Beta 1)*
    First release. (This realease does not heals nodes)

    Hope you enjoy it. It is a Link Gun that only heals vehicles and nodes and that doesn't deals damage.

    *These versions are not online compatible.

    Pretty good.

    Wasn't there already one in the Weapons of Evil Mutator?


      There was a mutator in UC2 called "Link Gun Medic" that has been requested quite a bit. When you enabled the mutator, you could heal teammates with the beam.

      Would you like to make it work in this way and have it added to the UCBP Ping? It is something ALOT of people want Keep in mind that game did not have ONS. You would need to adapt it to heal team mates health for CTF/TDM/DOM/BR and other team game types

      LMK man


        I can try to do it, I still have the UT3Viper to finish, but I can do it in my spear time. If my brother borrows me is MP3 I can take the files to school and Notepad++ installed in it and develop this project in the break times. This because the UT3 Viper is an older project and it takes more time to do. But if I see that this project only needs like 1 or 2 days to be ready for a new release I can stop with the Viper for thoose 2 days.

        By the way, it is supposed to lock on the player he is healling like with the vehicles, right?


          It does heal vehicles but does not heal nodes.
          If it gets too difficult just leave it like that. It's not that important.


            It may not be too difficult, I just forgot to change the int variable "Damage" to the new int variable that I created called "HealingDamage". I'll look in to that when I get home.


              The awaited version that heals team mates as come. I haven't tested it yet, so please do it so and say how it went

              (Check first post)


                It still doesn't heals team mates, tested it with some bots, I had a team mate with 75hp, fired at him and got nothing 0o


                  Still haven't made many progress, I was able to allow anyone useing the link gun to link a team mate that is using any weapon, it doesn't needs to be the link gun, only need to make it heal them, also I made a mistake somewere in the coding and now when the vehicles have full life you'll get ammo o0 I'll correct this and it will be fine.


                    The weapon now heals team mates, there is only a bug that is when you use your normal fire (left mouse button) and you are locked to a team mate you'll lose ammo even if he is fully healled, I'll look into this and the next version will have this fixed. I think I can end this project tomorrow, but I am not shure.

                    (Check First Post)


                      Heal Link Gun Beta 4 available.

                      (Check First Post)


                        Two words:
                        PURE AWSOMENESS!
                        Exceptional work, GPing!

                        The healing teammates feature is also very handy. (so kudos to Fewposts aswell)
                        I think this is the second time that I am mentioned in a mutator readme but the first time I am mentioned in the mutator itself

                        The last thing you need to do to make it absolutely perfect is to teach the bots to not use the gun against enemies.


                          Ye I am trying to teach them to not use the weapon on enemis right now. I'll also teach them to use them on team mates to heal'em


                            Bots now don't use the gun against enemies

                            now I only need to teach them to use the weapon to heal near team mates


                              I think it could be useful to know how the "Link me dammit" mutator works. It may be similar.