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    Name: DM-)TK(-1on1-Flare-Beta1

    Version: Beta1

    Compatibility: UTK4

    Description: A fast paced indoor map with an industrial theme. Good for 2-3 players. I used a warp zone in the middle of the map so everything is not as it seems.

    Comments: One of my earlier maps. Built in about a week and a half for 1 vs. 1
    duel on LAN.

    Credits: All static meshes and emitters came from UTk4.

    Homepage: None


    Screenshots: Its not letting me put the screenshot in the post

    Use the SHOT tags: [ SHOT ][ / SHOT ] (remove spaces).
    If done correctly it should look like this:
    Oh, and create and upload jpg files instead of bitmap files on imageshack. Not everybody here has a good internet connection and they load faster than png files.

    Hm... Did you do this map for a community member who requested more UT2004 maps with warp zones? (I think it was ChaosWolf)

    EDIT: I forgot to mention: You have to use a direct link to the picture not just a link to the sidescroll preview.


      No I did not make this just for ChaosWolf although his post reminded me of this map.

      It was in a bitmap file because that's what you have to use for the level screenshot. Next time I will change it to a jpeg.

      Is this how you do a screenshot correctly?


        Yes, but it's a bit big. Use the SHOT tags instead. They'll make your picture and your post smaller.

        PS: And avoid using ambient brightness. In most cases it doesn't look good (static meshes appear brighter than BSP). Use other light sources like light static meshes with a light actor instead.


          The ambient brightness does look pretty bad on this map. I have been trying to avoid using it at all on my more recent maps.


            nice map, i like space distortions) Why so few maps in UT2004 uses warpzones?


              Maybe there are not a lot of mappers who know about them
              Another reason could be that they support BSP holes when used in complex environments iIrc.