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    Name: ONS-Downtown

    Version: Beta 4c

    Compatibility: UT2004 (ECE required)

    Description: With the blockade on the Alluvion River, the warehouse district of Oxida Nova has been plunged into chaos.
    The storage facilities located there are the only remaining supply points available to Axon forces, and
    they've enforced martial law to ensure that their supplies remain unthreatened.

    (This is a rebuild of the popular urban-styled map WAR-Downtown from UT3. Great attention has been paid to creating it as exact as possible.)

    Comments: The map is using EONS vehicles by default. However, if you prefer to play the map with classic vehicles or if you wish to replace vehicles with mutators, you can choose the Default_ClassicVehicles linksetup to get those instead.

    I also changed the Goliath in the default linksetup to a self-coded "EONS Goliath" which accelerates faster (means you can change your forward/backward direction faster like you would expect it from a tank, but it isn't faster in general and also needs a bit longer to steer) and deals more damage (350 instead of 300) and momentum per shot (150000 instead of 125000) and also with 900 HP but with a lower splash radius for the turret.
    My goal was to make the Goliath a bit more important in this map (and by that the Tank Node as well) as it can take Nodes down faster now, but also to keep it balanced against infantry.

    Revision History:

    Beta 4 changes:
    - First official released, preceeded by some closed betas. I consider this map 95% finished and ready for play. Maybe rain will be added later, or moveable turrets.
    And I am not particulary happy with the sound design, but not much can be done about that.

    Beta 4a changes:
    - Fixed major bugs with Barricades: they work perfectly online now.
    - Some cosmetical improvements with Coronas.
    - Replaced Grenade Launcher with Kamikaze pickup (carryable warhead) until the Shaped Charge is done.

    Beta 4b changes:
    - Added rain. Except for 9 out of 70 excluding Volumes that won't work is it pretty good.
    - Map now has two different linksetups that allow to use either classic vehicles or EONS vehicles. OnslaughtSpecials are no longer needed as V2 is myLeveled.
    - Changed Goliath in the EONS linksetup to a self-coded "EONS Goliath" which accelerates faster (means you can change your forward/backward direction faster as you would expect it from a tank,
    but it isn't faster in general and also needs a bit longer to steer) and deals more damage and momentum per shot (with lower splash radius).
    - Added Ion Painter to the upper area of the house opposing the central node. It's not strong enough to destroy the Barricades.

    Beta 4c changes:
    - The rain now has a whole lot of AmbientSounds coming with it.
    - Fixed a bug in the UltimateDestroyableEnvironemt, causing it to not always accept triggering as valid DamageType.

    Known Issues:
    -The map uses 70 Volumes to exclude areas from rain, but unfortunately 9 Volumes (which are luckily not so frequently visited or noticeable) cease to work for unknown reason. There is no recognizable pattern why they do that and I tried everything about it (copy-pasting other Volumes, changing the Tag, using non-vertex edited versions, changing the Priority, using a new xWeatherEffect) but nothing helped, so you probably have to live with that small bug.


    Slideshow (23 images)

    Credits: Sanch3z (started the map and did the whole BSP), Crusha K. Rool (all other visuals, bot pathing and destroyable barricades), Wormbo (OnslaughtSpecials), Wail of Suicide (EONS Vehicles)

    Download: Mediafire (18.25 MB, 7zip)


    Version: Death Warrant Edit beta 1

    Description: Same map as above edited for 32 player online servers. Additional buildings/nodes/play areas have been added.

    Node Links:

    * the tank node still functions as a standalone node.
    * non linear node pattern: 2 different node paths to take to victory.

    Known Issues: possible poor FPS and drops. Will optimize more as per lag feedback.

    Edited by Sanch3z for the Death Warrant Spam Vikings 32 player server (US)



      Known Issues: Linear link setup. What does it mean? Bored players and overtimes.


        I doubt that it will affect the performance. It's just some Volumes that don't get associated with the xWeatherEffect for some reason.


          cool, another question: I thought there were issues with Onslaught Specials V2 and online play?


            Well, the Independent Node is not visible on the radar until it has been taken once. That can rarely occur in the V1 as well, but here is it consistent.
            It's something I have to live with until Wormbo fixes the problem, otherwise I couldn't do the stuff with the classic vehicles.

            Currently some players reported lag (I didn't had any during the online test), bad performance (I asked them to turn off the weather effects in settings, but none of them reported how that affected their fps) and that the rain would be too loud.
            The last thing is a problem because I don't know which would be the right volume to calibrate my settings to so that I could map it with a sound that is perfect for everybody. I basically don't know what normal sound volumes are, thus I can't set it up properly.

            And there still seems to be a bug with the barricades online, some got not destroyed on the client after my Redeemer missile and I don't know why. They are usually always relevant to the client. Also I didn't check yet how the barricade appears to a player that joined in the middle of the match if the barricade was destroyed already... I doubt that the server will replicate that properly to him when he didn't witness it, I probably need to fix that as well. *sigh*

            I finally want to get this thing done and focus on other work. :d


              Originally posted by Crusha K. Rool View Post
              I finally want to get this thing done and focus on other work. :d
              well you could just dump the barricades and weather effects. I personally dont think they are that important. Sure they are neat but meh, if people really want them they could always just play UT3.

              You've done a great job on everything you have done so far in this map, no need to spend a ton of time trying to make everything just like UT3

              IMO sticking with Onslaught Specials V1 is better. I'd rather be able to see the unlinked node more often than not.

              * as per the weather effects: I was unable to see any visual rain falling. The rain sounds were WAY too loud.


                Rain is only visible if you have World Detail on High and Weather Effects enabled in settings.

                For the sound volume: could you post the values for your two volume sliders in the settings? Helps me to calibrate stuff to be more like on a normal installation.


                  ahh I didnt have weather effects enabled.

                  for audio I have music 0, announcer 2, and effects all the way up (1).


                    The map is great, but its too heavy (in instant action lagged a lot), maybe because of the rain or the meshes.


                      Hmm, could you try the map with World Detail not set to "High" or Weather Effects disabled and see how much that changes the framerate?

                      If it's much better after disabling the weather effect, I need to go easier on the rain. Lowering WorldDetail will additionally prevent the various rubbish on the street from being rendered, which is also pretty high in poly count.

                      And does it change much if you reduce Fog Distance to a minimum?


                        nice, will see if i have time to test it when i get home from school, am in my lunch brake and it is almoust ending.


                          Ok, I was told that most guys out there have their sound usually at 100%. I used to have about 30%, that means that the rain is probably three times as loud for you as it should be.

                          Will take care of that in the next version. Just a warning, so your boxes don't blow your mind when you play the map.


                            Yeap, I have sound set to 100% and music set to 50%. Default options are way too silent.


                              added 32 player version of this map, link in post #2 of this thread: