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    Hi Ini, nice map (believe it or not the scale is just right for my YARM mod, so I'm definitely enjoying feel of the map!). I didn't find any 'sticky' spots where is would get stuck!

    The only suggestions I would have (and these are by no means critical) are:
    1. Create simple blocking models for the fancy rock pillars to be used for player collision (maybe just cyclinders), unless you already have these placed.
    2. I think it might be nice to have a few taller tree-like decorations (sort of like the trees in ONS-Torlan) to help identify where you are on the map
    3. (very minor) some of the foliage decoration models seem to use a lot of triangles (when viewed in wireframe mode), these could probably dropped down to 4-8 tris and still look the same since lightning for deco layers is not really vertex lit. (this is 'small potatoes' compared to the high poly rock formations but hey I'm running UT2k4 on a 1Ghz machine so every little optimization bit helps )
    4. The tile texture looks a little out of place with all of the other natural textures, maybe it could be replaced with a gravel or stone texture.

    Again, nice work, and If you did want to release it now, it seemed to me that's ready to go! Let me know if your interested in doing a halo-style jungle arena map as I already have some static mesh decos suitable for the purpose.


      Thanks meowcat,

      Thanks for the ideas. I've gone ahead and the following changes:

      Created the simple player collision.
      Touched up outer terrain and added 1 deco grass layer to it.
      Simplified the deco layer meshes.
      Added some of the Torlan trees, I thought the textures that are already on them go very well with my map so I didn't bother creating new ones.

      I did try out some other textures instead of the tile one but I couldn't find any that worked with it, not how I wanted it to look. So i've decided to leave that texture in place, I think it works well.

      The one thing that still bothers me is the textures on the health vials are not drawing properly with the terrain decos.

      Download New Version, also updated first link.

      Let me know what you think of the changes! I still would like someone else to test it out online.


        Ok, going to release this one tonight as well. It's time they came out of beta!


          I released the final here, the beta downloads have been removed.