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    DM-Nidor [beta]

    Name: DM-Nidor
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: UT2004 Patch 3369 and ECE Bonus Pack

    "The vaporous fields of Nidor conceal dangerous toxic pods that combatants
    must avoid in order to secure victory."

    This is a small fast paced map, ideal for a player count of 4-8.

    The map only contains 4 weapon pickups, (bio, flak, link, rockets). I decided not to place the others as the map is very open, and players are currently able to walk over most of the various hills.

    Players may get stuck behind some meshes if they try to get on top, its' not a problem for me but i'd like feedback on this if possible. Unlike with my previous terrain maps i've removed almost all bsp so if players get under the map they should be killed by the physics volume no matter where it happens.

    Have fun!


    Download: Download DM-Nidor_Beta

    Wow that looks sick ! Downloading.


      Fantasitic level. Very creative and different. I like it alot and would certainly add it to my maplist

      I do have a few "complaints" if you will and ****-retentive pet peeves on the map.

      First, I did not get caught on any stati meshes that I could find. I tried to get caught. Only one of those "mutant mushrooms" has a slight collison thing, but that is cause the terrain is a little to close to it. You can fix that easily with a slight flatten or w/e you decide.

      The toxic pods are a super cool addition to the map. I love them and I'm jealous of them I do think that there are far too many around the level overall. I can get much acrobatics going without jumping into 4-5 of them really fast and dying; feels overkill-ish. Too much suicide.

      They should totally be there and fairly abundant, but I think it's just too much in this beta. Maybe you could set up some risk vs reward for the "laser guns" using the toxic bubbles

      This always catches my eye in any level, and I always try to avoid it:
      It just ruins the atmosphere. Especially in your level since it looks SO GREAT otherwise. I usually fix that with a sky terrain or some junk, but there are many ways to do it.

      That's it, great level overall, just needs a tweak or two

      Keep em comin


        Yeah, the pods are really too many at some places. And they don't have an exact collision, what can be a bit irritating sometimes because it implies that there is still some space left before you or your projectile touches them, but then they are already exploding.

        And the bots surely don't take them into account. But I guess associating FearSpots with the pods would make the bots go even more insane.


          Nice map downloading


            - The toxic pods respawn too quickly in the same place and become too much in the way.
            - Some of the terrain stops movement and could probably be smoothed out more.--It should be possible to walk towards the smaller elevations (from several angles) without getting bumped back.
            * You mention a physicsvolume; shouldn't mappers use KillZ in level properties/zoneinfo to handle this falling outside purpose? (They serve the same basic function, though.)
            * Could players bump the toxic pods towards other players, using the shield perhaps?

            Creative stuff.


              Thanks all

              Fewposts, I know what you mean with the edge of the terrain. I'm not sure how to fix that though. Do you have any example maps I could take a look at?

              Rejecht, like in Thuliac, the terrain is smooth when I save it, i'm sick of re-smoothing it actually, i've probably spent the most time smoothing it than anything else on this level. But like with Thuliac it goes jagged when I load the map, what could be causing this?

              I thought there wasn't enough pods! And fearspots are already in place! But they are no match for the bots hunger for vengeance! I was trying to find a way to make the bots shoot them but I couldn't get it to work. I could perhaps use triggers to pull that off.

              The online play is slightly different than offline, the pods are a little slower at regrowing online and I thought I had got it to a nice speed. I wanted them to be dangerous, and I had envisioned them growing back as you run over the pickup under them. But I will slow them down some more and make it more random. I really like the idea of bringing the other weapons back but have them surrounded by pods,making it dangerous to get them, especially now it has thicker fog. What do you guys all think? Is it missing the other weapons or is it fine without them?

              I will go back and tweak the collision on the smaller pods. Hmm I like the idea of bumping pods, i'll try to implement that. The issue i'm having is online play and replication of the pods size, location.

              I think I did include the KillZ in the latest beta but forgot to update the first post. Or maybe I thought I did.

              Thanks again guys, great feedback.


                Originally posted by INIQUITOUS View Post
                Fewposts, I know what you mean with the edge of the terrain. I'm not sure how to fix that though. Do you have any example maps I could take a look at?
                His suggestion was to put another TerrainInfo into the skybox, resulting in a pretty infinite hilly landscape. You can stuff that one out with some more things, but maybe it might be a better solution to just extend the skybox walls of your main map further out and add the additional Terrain there (it shouldn't have such a high resolution as the main Terrain) and then just use BlockingVolumes at the borders of your map, so that you can basically see and shoot far away but can't walk there. Take ONS-Dawn and similar maps as an example, they have the playable area limited to pretty much the central area of the space that is actually walkable. The map design just implies that it doesn't make any sense to go to the borders, though it would be basically possible.


                  ONS-Crossfire uses another, larger terrain with a lower resolution for the area beyond the playing field. That will look much better than a skybox terrain.


                    This is small DM map, not a massive ONS level.

                    Depends on how you do a sky terrain. I did something pretty good in DOM-UCBP-Deserted. Also look at DM-CBP1-Black Jackal to see how wrongo Wormbo (we alll know it all don't we :P)

                    Sky terrains can look great if done properly. It's a level designer thing. If it's something you don't screw with a good bit, it can be very counter intuitive.

                    If you wanna copy a terrain or w/e go for it.

                    A Low res terrain would look pretty bad in either sceneario (sky or not). This is also not a huge *** ONS map where the low res terrain will be fairly visible, and look like poop. Experince counts (level design)



                      I've made some changes, added another terrain info to blend the other. I've altered the pods collision and made them regrow slower. And some other small changes.

                      Updated main link beta 2


                        Looks interesting I'll check it out.


                          Ok here is another version. Hopefully it's just about done now. I've added the shockrifle and sniper rifle but the ammo pickups are very limited, I hope that should help to balance them out a bit.

                          Download New Beta


                            New version The pod locations were off in the last version, i've changed that. Removed 2 pods and fixed some online issues.

                            Download New Beta


                              I'm presuming this is ok to go? I would appreciate some online testing to ensure the pods work decent enough. Thanks