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    Okay here my review: The emitters decrease fps. They look great but I think the only possibility to increase performance would be to remove those emitters at the bases. I don't know if this one in the middle would affect fps a lot but first delete these two. The performance on my PC was that bad that I couldn't hit my shock core I know that my PC is not the best but it can run UT2004 at max. details and UT3 on almost high detail. I don't think it has to do with my PC then It's the engine I think.
    You could also add a torture sound (from the package general ambience iirc). That one where you can hear "help meee help meee" would be great.
    Set the death zone lower or move the map up a bit. I think you die to fast and it looks a bit odd when you suddenly dissapear. You could add a pressure volume and where the volume ends should be the red line so that corpses dissapear there.
    Most of your static meshes have no karma collision. That should be fixed.
    Weapon base bug still persist. Simply select all weapon bases and clear the skins (properties->display->skins->clear).
    Add a skyball (stellar static mesh package) to your skybox. You can see that this is a subtracted cube a bit.

    Hm.. I guess this was all. Now that you have an alternative way to capture the flag it's even more exciting but sadly enemies don't use it. They prefer the teleporter (btw it looks cool).
    Maybe you could replace these emitters with a big lamp and a big corona (and you could add that to the other floating islands as well but other colors, e.g. green, yellow, violet, etc. etc.).


      missing files: sity shanecruch slums


        *Sigh* missing those again? This is the second time some one's said that to me but I didn't use those textures. -_-;
        How do you mylevel textures? I don't feel like working on this map today, but I will fix this stuff and the stuff you said sly. It won't take too long.

        I know it's unprofessional of me to say this, but I honestly don't care that much that bodies fall through my static meshes. And me trying to add collision is just an unnecessary headache.

        So yeah. Later guys. Will do.

        Also, what are you talking about about the weapon base bug? I DID clear all the skins.

        By the way, that is the sound I used. :3 I just didn't like the pitch, so I lowered it, because, though it is cool every once and a while, it starts ******* me off every 1/2 seconds or whatever.
        I guess that brings me to something else- How do you make sound effects loop after a certain amount of time as opposed to AS SOON AS IT ENDS?



          Nono. the weapon base in the middle of your map has still the wrong texture

          Well, maybe you used the textures of the pack everybody mentions. Did you subtract and add a solid brush which had a texture of this pack? If yes it is still in use, even if you click on all these textures and press select matching texture. Here the solution: remove those packages from your texture folder.
          Open UEd again. You'll get a missing resources message. All missing textures are replaced by the default one. Save your map so that these textures won't be in use but the default bubble texture instead.

          Problem solved

          EDIT: You may have to retexture some parts of the map if the bubble texture appears.


            Alright, thanks


              what with it? map looks great but I can't play it.
              when i open it in ued i see map without sky textures. all another things are ok.


                Did you right-click on the bar above the 3D viewport and go to view->show backdrop?
                That should show the sky. Or do you have a default texture instead of the star texture? I don't know exactly what you mean


                  skybox. it's with standart textures.