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CTF-Castle Islands (WIP)

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    CTF-Castle Islands (WIP)

    Yo! Here's the new map I've been working on for the last little while.

    Beta 1:

    New File Front link.
    Mega Upload link just 'cause

    Beta 2:


    Beta 3:
    File Front

    link not working


      Thanks. I'll upload it again.


        Oops! An unexpected error (-1) has occurred.
        If this problem persists or you need further assistance, contact support.
        If this problem persists, please contact support. Maybe post an alternative download link.
        When I saw this screenshot I suddenly had Foregone Destruction in my head Please, please, please use that as the soundtrack, that would rock! \m/
        Looks really nice! I think if you edit those brushes you used as the asteroids with Blender (convert to static mesh and export, import file with Blender and add more triangles and edit it so that it looks like terrain, a bit rocky and more like an asteroid) it could easily become as a pretty cool map!

        EDIT: LMAO, spam!


          leet~ thanks man. Still haven't tried to learn how to use blender though! XDD
          But yeah, I'll definitely try that, or a similar method soon.

          Hehheh. I didn't use forgone, but the song still gives that feeling.


            You know what would give you a cool oldschool feeling? A rotating skybox with planets, sun and a bit less stars A bit like my Face skybox BTW I would make an alternatice way to capture the enemy flag. How about a catapult which shoots you every 60 seconds to the middle asteroid?


              Yeah, I'm still working on the skybox X3 I just thought I'd share what I have at the moment.


                New File Front upload.

                Oh... I thought I would have a MegaUpload link for you too, but an error occured while it was uploading. Uploading again.

                **Oh, never mind, the new File Front one works.

                Mega Upload link just 'cause


                  Good job with your map!
                  Except of the asteroid brushes and some unaligned textures and the weapon base bug an awesome map! Also the concept! I like it! It gives me the Unreal feel -why didn't include Epic such maps in this game? It reminds me of Na Pali. Maybe you could make some floating asteroids in the background as well which have this form and a town on it (there's a texture package which contains them). But then you shouldn't make a rotating skybox. :/ It's your map, make it look like you want

                  The bot AI is pretty good as well. First match and I lost it 8:0 LMAO (believe me, that's rare!). There are not many maps which have such a good bot AI Or maybe it's the layout of the map which makes the bots act that good. I dunno. I like it even more than your DM-Warp map


                    Thanks a lot! Woo! Positive feed back is awesome. :33

                    Lol~ the bot's AI is just made up of pathnodes
                    (For some reason, even though people have told me 3 or more times, I STILL forget how to make them snipe. I'll look back through my threads and find the advice posts later I guess.)

                    I think that I will have other islands in the sky box with castles on them! Thanks for the suggestion! ;D

                    Hmm~ question time.

                    For some reason, the jump pads only work like, 90% of the time. The rest of the time, the player or bot just plummets to their death. XD

                    Hm... jeez, I thought I had more questions than this. OH! Yeah:

                    The castles are set to bstaticlighting false, because when I have it set to true, random faces just apear black on them because of how the BSP was cut by the subtraction brush before it they were made into meshes. I don't know if this problem is solvable, and I guess I'm fine with having it lit like this.
                    ... Actually... it really... REALLY reminds me of- Have any of you guys fiddled around with Halo 3's forge before? That's exactly how the Items you can place to build stuff are lit. lol! XD

                    What else what else...

                    Nothing. Awesome. Glad to see you like it Sly.!

                    By the way, I installed that patch, so maybe now I can take a look at your Face remake. Hurrah!


                      I hope, still waiting for feedback but sadly I didn't get any
                      I guess when you import it to Blender and edit it a little bit you might get normal lighting.


                        :O Seriously!? None at all? that's crazy! Whether or not you're a good mapper, doing a remake of the most popular CTF map since... I think Unreal 1 should get you something. Rawr! Dx


                          wow! This map reminds me about CTF-FaceGiants. mb you are its author?


                            And one question: Why do so many people putting .usx into Static Meshes but not StaticMeshes?


                              Glad you like it too. (I'm this map's author by the way, lol)
                              And I've never heard of CTF-FaceGiants.