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Any Easy way to Uncompress teh .uz2 compressed files?

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    Any Easy way to Uncompress teh .uz2 compressed files?

    Hello I've been looking around and can't seem to find any easy way to uncompress any compressed UT2003 File Compressed in .uz2 format.

    I looked at a program with a gui interface called ucc2 but it doesn't work keep getting errors

    There must be some way of uncompressing these file types , so if anyone cares to share how to it would be greatly apperciated.


    aka thePUTZ

    Open some folder in Windows, go to 'Tools' menu, 'Folder Options...' then open the 'Filetypes' tab. Click 'New' button, put 'uz2' as the extension and then click 'OK'. Now a new filetype with extension 'uz2' and some weird name like 'FT000001' should be in the available filetypes. Select it and click the 'Advanced' button. Now put something as 'UT2003 compressed file' in the description and choose an icon to 'uz2' files (whatever you like). Under 'Actions' click 'New' and write 'decompress' as the action. Under that write the program to use for decompression like 'X:\...\UT2003\System\UCC.exe decompress %1' (just replace 'X:\...' with the path to 'UCC.EXE'. Click 'OK' and then 'OK' again to close it. Now you should have a 'uz2' filetype that opens with 'ucc.exe' everytime you click it. It automaticaly decompresses the file to the same folder.