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DM-Praxis][_Beta (UCBP)

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    DM-Praxis][_Beta (UCBP)

    A few people asked me for a seperate release of this map. I was reminded how many people wanted this map for so long by someone the other day, so here it is, after ALL THESE YEARS

    (Also packaged in the UCBP pack)


    Here is the read me file:

    ================================================== ========
    Author: Shred
    ================================================== ========

    Custom Meshes: YES
    Custom Power-ups: YES
    Custom Shaders: YES
    Custom Music: YES
    Custom Sounds: NO
    Custom Weapons: NO

    ================================================== ========

    drag the files in the zip into the corrisponding map folder in your UT2004 directory.
    For example, open the zip and the folder "maps" contained within. Open another window with UT2004>Maps open.
    Drag and drop the .UT2 file. Do the same for the music file (.ogg). This read me file and screen shots are not required to run the map.

    Map is fully embeded with its custom content.
    All you need to do is compress the map into a .UZ2 and use redirect for the map file as you would with any custom map without additonal package association.
    ================================================== ========

    Mons Olympus
    ================================================== ========
    Map history:

    Originally appeared in the Xbox title, Unreal Championship 2 the Liandri Conflict.
    I always wanted this map for UT2004 and so did many other people.
    The only problem was, I did not have the static meshes needed to create a truly faithful remake.
    So I set about learning to model a bit, and making my own versions of the meshes that appear in this map.
    I just turned on UC2, and used Maya PLE and got to work. This level is over 5 years in the making.
    Several false starts, building all the shaders, and making every single static mesh by hand takes a really long time.
    The development time may have been shorter, but I also developed 2 other maps of this theme along with it.
    ================================================== ========

    The base/diffuse textures are the property of Epic Games .
    These textures are free to use for anyone in the UNREAL community.
    They are not to be used outside of Unreal Tournament 2004.
    You can use my shaders, and I prefer that you do not modify my materials unless it is a must.
    You are also free to use any of the custom pickups in the maps, just be aware they need to be "floated" off of the floor not to return an error.

    The static meshes from Unreal Championship 2 are NOT to be used by anyone, for any map or mod, for any game or engine. They were created by me, in Maya PLE and I reserve the right to use them in future maps, and do not wish them to become over-used in the community.
    You are free to develop your own static meshes with the UC2 textures, but you are NOT to use these at ALL.
    This policy flies out of the window if you contact me and have a remake of an actual UC2 map in the works, and can show it to me.
    Then I will let you use my static meshes. Sorry if I sound like a jerk, but I busted my buns on these things.
    There is no justification for using them that you can formulate in your brain, they are not “freeware models”, they are not Epic's models, they are my work

    ================================================== ========


    The rest of UCBP can be found here:
    Includes several other UC2 maps, and a UC1 weapon mutator.


      Obsol33t doing his thing on DM-Praxis][ (playing ChaosUT2)


        Looks very cool! Must download! <3
        ** Downloaded. It looks as awesome in game as it does on the box! Also, the way the fancy damage amp looks, combine with the right part of the music playing... totally reminds me of God of War. Even though the architecture and everything else doesn't resemble that of GoW at all. Just thought I'd say. Obviously no offense meant. :3


          Oh no, thanx man (no offense taken) Glad you like it Thanx for the kind words<3 Be sure to check out the other UCBP maps


            Alrighty! I'll do that when I get home.
            Not to be a highjacker, but could you see my map? I shouldn't leech off of your thread so I'll just PM you.