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DM-Morbias2003Beta3 released

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    DM-Morbias2003Beta3 released

    so here you are...

    any commets, critics and suggestions on how to improve fps and other optimization are welcome...

    screens again:

    Also posted here as well

    DM-Morbias2003 Beta 3


      It's a good remake. I especially like the "Restricted for DDOM" signs, does that mean that you will be releasing this map for DDOM?
      I don't know if the original Morbias had this specific weapon distribution, but I don't like it regardless. I thought I had left the rocket arena mutator on when I started this up. I think either the mini, shock or even the bio would fit nicely into the mix.


        Looks good, I'll play it through and post some feedback as soon as I can!

        Looks good, but as 027 posted below me, the FPS are really low on the map. Do your best with Zone Portals and see what you can do to optimize the map. Only a few maps play with low FPS like this for me, including my own map in one section. RMODE 1 is your friend when you play it, look for what you can do, once that's done, you'll have a really solid 1-on-1 map! :up:

        Lio Convoy


          terrible FPS

          optimize it a lot


            Nice looking map...
            Pitty about the FPS problems.
            Maybe you should relax with the static meshes, hehe, they aint brilliant for ure FPS.

            While I'm here, will I get owned for asking someone to host a map on their server even if it isnt as nice looking or as this?

            I have a map made, and its pretty playable-no bot support for the mo. I have seen worse maps that in about on the net-eg the Mokum-X clan server has some pretty bad maps on it.

            Its fun to play though.
            Will i get owned even if i tell ppl its not an uber serious map and its just here for being played on?

            Thx, good map again.


              Don't use a path like that in your zip file!

              Just checked it.

              You have 120 000 POLY's staticmesh in view for a small map like that = CRAZY!!!

              Plus you have more than 1000 poly's for bsp wich is also too much.

              Let's see:

              In the middle of the arena the floor is higher with a bsp addition which should be made of static mesh instead, coz the entire floor is cut up.

              The higher arena is also too much bsp cutted, maybe you should make that entire step higher in mesh.

              Then the meshes themselves: the walls on the higher floor are way too much poly and the pillars too imo. If you could make custom mesh that is lower in poly size that could make alot.

              Coz simple zoning and antiportal will not cut it coz it's a hard map to occlude coz of the round arena. So the only thing you can do is cut down on the poly's.


                really nice map, nice flow, good size....
                this would be a keeper but....
                unfortunately it's unplayble due to low FPS at the moment

                hope you get this sorted our


                  @ all:

                  Teddie offered me some help about the optimization if i understood him right... i really dunno what to do... i think i'll ask him in the next days...

                  oh... and about thee DDOM-sign:

                  i'm working on DM-Fractal2003 atm, but i'll see... if it's done, then there'll be a DOM-MorbiasXL2003 cuz this one doesn't really fit for DDOM...


                    i dunno. morbias is a frag fest. if it was DOM, its about the right size to keep the "frag fest."

                    1000 bsp polys is too much? lol, whatever dude. apparently you dont check epics maps. they have over 700 brushes at once, and over 4000 polys in some maps, and they play at over 90fps. dont give me that whining about the bsp ****, lol. your money is no good here.

                    the problem is the 120k polys. turn off as many collisoins as you can, and use blocking volumes. but i think your bsp is fine.

                    use antiportals though, that your big bust in this beta.


                      No man, bsp should if possible be kept under 1000.

                      And no it's not the collision, it's the number of poly's.

                      You're mostly standing on bsp floors so no it's not the collision and don't try to be a wiseass man. I hope you know what stat render and show collision does.

                      Too much bsp causes hickups in the rendering and too much static mesh poly's with shader effects causes a much lower fps which is the case here.


                        under 1000 polys? lol, show me one epic map that does that. show me even one. even curse3 has 2000. infact, probably the ONLY one that has under 1000 is DM-compressed.

                        and besides that, hes got less than 900 polys. asbestos has like 3000 and it plays way better. i dont know where you got your 1000 poly rule, but frankly its a load of ****. even UT's bsp limit was 1200, and the new engine can and does handle way more. look at ANY map, and youll see 5-700 brushes with 2-4000 polys, and easily 3-4000 nodes. very few maps have less than 1000 polys, so i would hardly call it a "rule." you may go by it if thats what you wish, but bsp is not the root of all evil, despite what some people here will have you believe.

                        the only time bsp will give you a huccup is when it loads a large flat section at once, because it, its lightmap, and anything touching it are also loaded at once OR when youre looking at 1000 or so nodes at one time, especially if they all come into view at once. that would cause a little bit of a stutter.

                        his problem is simply the mesh poly count. i suggested he turn off collisoins because its supposed to help a LITTLE. it will help any of those meshes that might be using the per poly collisions for when you SHOOT the mesh, not just when you stand on it. it wont fix his performance problems.


                          Bonehed316 and GIdenJoe

                          i nearly don't understand anything of what you are arguing about... i think i'll have to tell you once more: IT'S MY FIRST MAP! and i just dunno how to optimize... i don't understand the editor as good as you two... if you can't give me any possibilities how to optimize that i understand, then i've got a suggestion for you: you two do the optimization on this map... and the one who optimizes it better can laugh at the other.

                          what do you think?


                            good idea, they wanted the job, they got it


                              Originally posted by Bonehed316
                              under 1000 polys? lol, show me one epic map that does that. show me even one. even curse3 has 2000. infact, probably the ONLY one that has under 1000 is DM-compressed.

                              I'm talking about in view at a time.

                              Most epic maps are around 800 poly's bsp inview. Only teh most heavy parts of the map go over 1000. And that IS checked with stat render. Antalus stays even under a 100 most of the time.