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Dead Cat Maps - Weapon Tips and Secret Area Spoilers

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    Dead Cat Maps - Weapon Tips and Secret Area Spoilers

    I just finished spec'ing a few games on the DC server and I realized that many players had not figured things out yet, so here are a few tips and some spoilers for y'all...

    1.) Each player can have a maximum of 2 Sentinels. If you pick up another Deployer, you may give it to a team mate, but you cannot have more than 2 active Sentry Guns at any given moment. Mr. Evil built this as variable, but I locked it down to 2 for the maps to keep things from getting any more spammy than they already are...

    2.) When a player dies, all of their Sentinels explode. So, if you find 2 tough Sentry Guns in a bad location, hit your F1 key and see who owns them. Go kill that player and both of the Sentry Guns will go away. I did my best to place the Sentinel Deployers where the bots CANNOT get them...Trust me, you do not want the bots deploying Sentry Guns.

    3.) IMHO, the Helios Rifle is now the most kick-*** sniper weapon in the game.

    4.) The FireChucker is a really nasty piece of weaponry in the tighter maps like Acid Pipe and Car Park. Move backwards as you fire and you won't get burned. Use the secondary fireballs in hallways and tubes...They are inescapable and deadly!

    5.) A single Colt is not much, but if you luck out and get Dual Colts (you have to take the second one from a dead player) they hit almost as hard as the Shotgun.

    6.) The PIC will clear out an entire flag base...and you along with it if you're not standing far enough back...

    7.) The Noisy Cricket will let you literally fly in Low Gravity, but makes an absolute sitting duck out of you if some has a Helios Rifle handy. To fly in Low Gravity, select the Noisy Cricket. point it at the ground, do a double-jump, fire the weapon continuously and steer with your usual direction keys. You can start without the double-jump, but you'll take damage if you do.

    8.) The Fyrian Cannon is only slightly more powerful than the Minigun using primary fire. The secondary, however, is roughly 8 times (my estimate) more lethal than the Minigun, but it will overheat in just in a few seconds unless you watch your fire times carefully.

    Please reply and add to my list if you've found other stuff that the weapons will do that I haven't found yet.


    On the maps...

    1.) CTF - (SW) Parallel Worlds and DM-(IN)Blue World - The teleporter ring on the structure above each of the flags will drop you into a Sentinel Cavern that contains two Deployers and a Redeemer. When you fall through the well into the Cavern, you will hear Eric Cartman scream on the way down. Guide yourself to hit in the water and you will NOT take any damage even in Normal Gravity. If you hit the stairs or the rocks, you'll die. The two teleporter rings in each Cavern return you to the same place in the middle of the huge teleporter ring in each respective world.

    One of the Sentinel Caverns...

    Each Water Tower has an up tube and a down tube. Swim down the tube...follow the emitter lights...until you see an illuminated arrow on the floor of the tube. Swim to the tail of the arrow and then walk to the middle of the tube moving toward the head of the arrow.

    The teleporter located there will take you to a toxic Gas Chamber. It is deadly, limits your vision, and will not let you use your teleporter. You will take 10 damage points per second in the Chamber. The fastest I have ever been able to get through it is 15 seconds...The average has been 17 seconds. Once you learn the route, 200 health and armor points in any combination should get you through it. Anything over 250 and it's hard not to get through unless you fall off the stairwell or get lost. The Invasion version only does 5 damage points per second as monsters will likely be in there shooting at you as well.

    One of the Gas Chambers leading to the Twin Waterfall Valley...

    Following the arrow in the Water Tower will enable you to exit the teleporter into the Chamber standing up and facing the stairwell exactly where you need to go. Go to the spiral staircase and run up it as fast as you can. When you get to the top, walk into the middle of the TL ring on top and you will be taken to the Twin Waterfall Valley. Your TL will not work here either. Run to the other end of the Valley and take the TL up to the first chain deck. Follow the chains and grab the Noisy Cricket on the way. Take the next TL up to the next level...grab the health vial along the way...and get the ESR. Continue to follow the chains and then turn left to go to the Red World or right to enter the Blue World.

    2.) CTF-(SW)Car Park and DM-(IN)Car Park - Cross the electrical beams...There are 3 or 4 ways across by either jumping or using your TL. Grab the Sentinel Deployers along the way. On the other side, go down one tube to get the Redeemer and down the other to get the PIC. The Noisy cricket is in the room by the exit TL.

    3.) CTF-(SW)Shotgun Gulch - The Water Tower works like it does in Parallel Worlds, but there is no Gas Chamber. Cross the parking garage and do the same stuff as in Car Park, except grab the Painter instead of the Noisy Cricket. Take the next TL into Acid Pipe. Grab the Noisy Cricket. Then go back to the Red TL emitter beam and look up. You will see an irregularity in the glass above your head. Shoot your TL disk through it to a place where you can get out. ***BE CAREFUL IN HERE - THE ELECTRICAL BEAMS WILL KILL YOU!*** Using the Noisy cricket to break your fall, jump off the edge where the elevators would normally be. Grab the ESR and then do a double jump and use the Noisy Cricket to fly out. Grab the health, armor, and DD Amp....STAY BELOW THE BEAMS...and then TL back into the glass tube and use the Blue TL to get back into the game with more guns, health, and armor than anyone else.

    In Normal Gravity there is a hidden Ladder Volume against a back wall in a corner. Climb the chain and then when you are above the platform, your TL will work again and you can use it to get to the pipe ramp above the elevator room and exit back to the glass tube from there.

    The other maps are pretty much what you see is what you get...There are hard to get items,but they are more or less hidden in plain sight.

    You can download the Map Packs here...

    CTF Special Weapons:

    CTF Normal Weapons:

    Invasion Special Weapons: