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Ragdoll madness: Beta 2

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    Ragdoll madness: Beta 2


    here is (finally) the second version of Ragdoll Madness. I know I had to release it this week-end: the mutator was actually ready, but I did not even have time to prepare the readme file and the thread

    I know a lot of people are expecting an online version, but it is still not compatible in this release. I'm doing some attempts to get an online version made from scratch.

    There are however lots of other changes and fixes. Here is the readme file (changes at the bottom, see also the new configurable options):

    Name: Ragdoll Madness Beta 2
    Authors: Kognefaure (with partial usage of Foxpaw's Ragdoll Injury System on Unrealwiki)
    Special thanks to Epic Games and the Unreal community!
    Please let the author know if you would like to use or see the source for personnal projects!
    1) Installation
    2) Mutators Description
    3) Known bugs and warnings
    4) Improvements and changes since last version
    1) Installation:
    Extract everything in your UT2004 folder. Everything should go in the right place.
    Don't forget to bind a command in your options for the feign death property. (Options -> Input -> Configure Keyboard, section Ragdoll Madness)
    2) Mutators Description:
    - Ragdoll Madness: Base Mutator
    Required mutator to have the "ragdoll feature". It has to be used with Softies! and/or Harpoons.
    Configurable options:
    > Can't stand up when moving: any player in ragdoll state will have to be lying still in order to recover
    > Death shouts: When ragdolling, the player shouts as if dying for real in order to confuse his opponents
    > Head view only: locks the view to first person (attached to the head)
    > Jump pads madness!: any player that uses a jump pad will be sent in ragdoll state first
    > No wall hit damage: horizontal damage is disabled in ragdoll mode, only your vertical velocity do
    > Weapon hiding mode: defines what happens to your weapon when entering ragdoll state: it can be hidden, dropped (except when feigning death), or nothing (still visible)
    > Feign Death Time: maximum time allowed for feigning death
    > Hit Damage Scale: scales the damage you get when hitting a surface (falling, etc)
    > Ragdolls stun players: Ragdolls that are propulsed with high velocity can knock down other players. The value defines how long the hit player stay in ragdoll state. If you enter the value 0.0, this feature will be disabled
    > Weapons' momentum scale: Scales the impulse of the weapons on the ragdolls
    - Ragdoll Madness: Softies!
    Players can be knocked down if they receive too much damage in a short period of time.
    The mutator works as following: the damages a player get are summed up and dicrease over time. If this sum reaches the "Knock-out damage" option, the victim will be sent into ragdoll state.
    The damages dicrease rate can be defined in the "Damage dicrease rate" box (damages per second). The time the player remains knocked down is configured in "Knock-out time".
    The other properties, "Only specific damage types" and "Damage type 1, 2, 3 and 4" is more appropriate for advanced users. It allows the knock-down feature to be limited to a few, pre-defined damage types.
    By default, these damages are: Falling, Ran over (by vehicle), Shield gun and Monsters (Invasion) melee damage.
    - Ragdoll Madness: Physics
    Allows you to alter a few physical properties of the ragdolls' behaviour. This mutator also works independtly from the Ragdoll Madness Base Mutator, in which case it will act on dead bodies.
    > Air friction (angular and linear): The deceleration of the ragdoll's speed. Angular = rotational speed, linear = "moving" speed
    > Gravity scale: speaks for itself
    > Ragdoll mass: also acts on the gravity's dependence, but also defines how hard the ragdoll will be moved
    > Velocity restitution: The bounciness of the ragdoll. The return of speed it gets when hitting a surface. High value can give strange results!
    > World friction: how much the ragdoll will be stopped when gliding on a surface
    - Ragdoll madness: Harpoons BETA
    Bonus mutator!
    Lets you place harpoon traps on any (static) surface or let the level do it in a random way.
    The trap will shoot a harpoon once it detects a player. If it hits, the player is dragged quickly toward the trap, smashed against the wall, and dropped repeatedly to crash on the ground.
    Shooting a trap will not destroy it, however some weapons are able to enhance it with a special property.
    Under some conditions, the harpoon can cause instant death with a special, gruesome death effect.
    3) Known bugs and warnings
    Do not use this online. Since UT2004 handles ragdolls only for effect purposes, it is not meant to be played in multiplayer.
    Bots won't use feign death.
    Known bugs:
    Most annoying:
    - Bots will be able to get into vehicles even in ragdoll mode. In this case, once the bot recovers from ragdoll mode, he will stand inactive in the middle of the battlefield and the vehicle will be uncontrolled. Fortunately, the bot will respawn.
    - Ragdolls that lie on a thin floor above a lava volume (or such) will be damaged by it. Can be disturbing in DM-Deck, for example.
    Rare/minor bugs:
    - Rare physics crash when entering ragdoll mode with Softies
    - The first person view in ragdoll mode can get through the floor
    - Death can happen when recovering from ragdoll state right under a ceiling
    - Ragdolls sometimes destroy from physics problems (e.g, high impulse on a single bone), in this case, bots don't respawn
    4) Improvements and changes since last version:
    - No more lava volume crash
    - Custom models with special karma set-up should now be compatible (such as Magdalena) However, this has not been tested!
    - Ragdolls receive impulse from weapons
    - Ragdoll Madness: Weeds renamed Ragdoll Madness: Softies!
    - Ragdoll Madness: Softies! now uses a damage-cumulation system, which allows weapons like Minigun or Flak to cause knock-down as well
    - vehicles can run over ragdolls
    - Players can be pushed and damaged by moving ragdolls, and even knocked-down as well (see "Ragdolls stun players" in "Ragdoll Madness: Base mutator")
    Two screenshots:

    a preview from the First Person View while in ragdoll mode:

    A quick hint to a small bonus mutator this version has:

    Download link:

    (I know lots of people hate this server... sorry guys! I can't remember other good ones)

    EDIT: Alternative mirror (Filefront)


    Great job you did so far Had fun with it while test playing! We have some nice ideas for the next beta, take a look at our improvements thread please


      G-G-G-GREAT! This was always one of my favourite mutators! Too bad it always crashed the game after some time. But now it will be even better! Downloading...

      Edit: Did you submit it to filefront? So it stays there?


        Works great.

        Only thing I could think about is that the default settings should be like in UT3, means that the 1st person view should be disabled by default.

        That way you would have the ideal settings if you use it as a map mutator. Those can't be configured afterwards and rely on the default settings. But the rest really works flawless.

        Sometimes I think it does a bit too much damage, those are hard boilded tournament fighters after all and you can't really imagine that they die from running against a wall 4 times if they can survive 30 bullets from a minigun.
        But it's fine, I think. Depends on the situation of the impact.

        Shieldjumps are pretty impossible with the RagdollMadness: Wimps!, though. You always knock yourself off with your Shieldgun. Maybe it should distinguish between self damage and damage instigated by others.

        Very nice is that you can choose whether the weapon should be kept, hidden or thrown. I would set the visible weapon as default here, like in UT3.

        And you should somehow adjust the Pawn's Visiblity variable if you are in ragdoll mode so that the enemy bots have at least a chance to not notice you if you turned into a ragdoll (purposely, not because you took too much damage).
        Wouldn't help much on the other hand if you team-bots always wait at your ragdoll because they want to cover you.


          Kickers throw you. That should also be disabled by default And another thing I could think of would be to disable the death scream by default. I think that would be great if you include it into a UT3 map as a map mutator so that you can feign your death and you can't walk until you don't move The possibility to gib ragdolls is also something I would like to see as well as camera view in 1st person when you get gibbed by a rocket or if someone shoots your head of with the Sniper or Fraghouse Ripper. Really like your mutator and could you add bright skins like in UT3 for both, players and ragdolls if possible? (enabled by default settings)


            I don't see how Brightskins have anything to do with this mutator.

            And even if they would, then they should be disabled by default. Brigthskins are ugly and only interesting for tournament-like gametypes, not for the wide mass of players.


              Sorry got OT
              I thought too much of the UT3 mutator. Bright skins are in UT3 always enabled and that's why I asked but I think it would be better if Emerald includes UT3 bright skins (if it's possible) in his mutator (as an option of course, don't want to play with them all the time ).


                looking good so far


                  Much more stable than the old beta. Having to knock down bots with a ragdoll is hilarious...(go launch myself, feign death midair, knock down an enemy, LOL).

                  As for the harpoon trap...that is easy kill, but it sucks when you fallen into one! XD Having two of them and splitting the enemy into two halves is just brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! (although the harpoon mutator crashes my UT2004 twice so far)


                    well I have used the mutators and didn't noticed anything different


                      So the first person ragdoll thing does not work for you? Strange, everything works perfect for me. No crashes (yet )


                        I also don't have any crashes while in first person. The camera which is sometimes a bit in the ground is not as annoying as I thought it would be. It remembers me of some small bugs in UT GOTY. Your head was sometimes in the ground too


                          well, do I have to use the mutator were I can change the physics values, and change its values in order to it to work?


                            You should use the "Ragdoll madness base" and "ragdoll madness: softies" mutator. Then it should work.


                              I have tried but didn't worked

                              will try it again