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Bloody axe! :)

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    Still going. A few times I get stuck (mappers block) on a certain level but it never lasts for more than two days. The wharf was the hardest level so far. Huge bloody area that's hard to keep detailed and running smooth. (But everything flies now) Worst part of making this mod is skin mapping the models and bug testing the levels. It takes me too **** long to set models up properly for skinning but when it gets done, the result is the axe. It doesnt happen as much anymore, but bsp errors in the levels are a big pain and getting the textures and lighting (more for lighting) just right take some time. I'd like nothing better than to finish it by Oct and enter that contest. If not, then I'll enter the 3rd phase. If not, it'll just be released.


      ^ you sir, just make sure that it does in fact get released

      ive been waiting for this for some time. looks to be very good


        nice model m8, if u are looking for work go to #[genx] on quakenet my name is ichi. Or use msn at

        I will give u all info. We are basiclly 95% code and like 5% gfx hense why i am asking u.