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    I can also help with the performance issues.


      Wow, from the screens it looks great, really great... ...I agree on the blue, that is too intense...


        Nice job Cubic. Textures looks good, nice placement off statics and the blue lighting looks ace, in fact i think you should leave the blue lighting as it is.

        Reminds me of the old ut days, i used to get my *** kicked on this when i 1st played ut!

        I think this baby is gonna be high on FPS, try to use lots of antiportals & zoneing.

        Nice one



          PLEASE use blocking volumes for those pillars and arches.
          Those are some snaggy meshes without 'em.



            thx dude!


            yeah, that's DM-Fractal...


            thx! and i'm actually thinking about a remake of DM-Fractal and of DM-Fetid as well...


            thanks for your comments... about the scaling: i really think it's scaled right... there is enough of space for dodging and trick-jumps if you mean that... and about the lightning: i'll think about it, ok? and i certainly won't rush it... i've been working long and hard on this one and i don't want to get slipshod at the end...

            i'm still using blocking volumes for those pillars and arches... before i did this, me and the bots sometimes got stuck on them.


            thanks Taranis! ATM i'm thinking about a puplic Beta4 or i'll just release it "when it's done"...


            thanks for your offer, but at first i'll try it alone because i want to learn how to optimize a map. if i really can't handle it, i'll tell you for sure!


            thanks man! about the lightning: check the answer for Plumb_Drumb.


            i'm really overwhelmed by this positive feedback. i'm trying to work with antiportals atm... zoning is done so far...


              Originally posted by cubic


              thanks for your comments... about the scaling: i really think it's scaled right... there is enough of space for dodging and trick-jumps if you mean that...
              Well, that's important, but I really meant making sure the "feel" of the size is translated properly. I hope that makes sense.

              For instance, I don't know if you seen them, but there are a few Morpheus remakes out there that are straight ports, size and all.
              While the map is identical to the UT version, everything looks twice as small in UT2k3. So your map needs to have a larger scale to "feel" the same in UT2k3.

              I'm sure you have accomplished this though.
              (I just wanted to clarify what I meant)



                for the scaling: it is scaled about 1.3 bigger than the original...


                  I've played cubic's beta for this.

                  Scaling feels good.

                  The level as a whole is very well done and looks great.

                  Optimization needs to be done in a big way with this map. If it is done correctly, this sucker will be a keeper for me on my HD.


                  Rmode 1 the hell out of it. I don't think the amount of statics is a problem. Just need some agressive occlusion.

                  When you're finished optimizing, send another beta my way so I can help.


                    looks great!


                      Originally posted by cubic

                      thanks dude! no, the map you mean is DM-Fractal...
                      Well hell if you can make that map look so predy, ya might as well do the remake of fractal then



                        thanks for your comments... if YOU say that the map looks great, this is a very big compliment for me. i'm working on the optimization atm, but it seems that i can't get mre then about 5 to 10 fps more then before... [landome]ReaveR is trying to optimize it as well... lets see what he can do about it. what do you mean with "aggressive occlusion"? when i hear sth from [landome]ReaveR i'll PM you a link to the newest beta bro. i really would be glad if you could help me... and perhaps you can even help me with the bot-path-lift-thingy...


                        thank you man!


                        well... let's see... but i think i'll try to do it... but at first i have to get familiar with warpzones...


                        you've got PM dude!


                          Wow, that looks really nice!

                          I don't remember the original... hope its a fun layout.

                          Good luck with your optimizing.


                            oh your god! after all this time - a morbias remake that doesnt look like ****!

                            although it looks like it might need to be scaled up a tiny bit more, i spos we still have to play it yet...



                              i haven't heared anything of [landome]ReaveR until now... but i think i'll release a not-optimized public beta tomorrow...