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    However, did you make any progress yet?
    Can't wait for the next beta! Awesome map.


      No, tried already to set the DoorTags of the Mover-Leader of the respective storage halls, but that didn't work either. I tried that because Wormbo said that the Tag of Movers in a ReturnGroup can't be used for that because no code is executed for Follower-Movers, as they don't get triggered or something like that.

      So I still have no clue how to tell the bots how to do it right.

      And actually I rather want to keep working on the UltimateMappingTools than on maps, but currently it stopped me until someone answers the texture rotation question that I posted in another thread…


        Okay, good luck Hope you get this finished soon so that you can work on this map
        PS: May I add you to my friend list?


          Updated to Beta 15, featuring Wormbo's new fancy OnslaughtSpecials. You will see the difference in game, I didn't take any screenshots of that for now.

          Check the first post for changelog and download.


            I can't really test the map's performance (hardly any map can bring my rig below constant 60 frames in UT2004), but I can see that something must be done about that center axis view. Maybe CullDistance could help here.
            Also maybe you could change the anti portals a bit. Most of the time the expensive rendering happens along the core-core axis, while the perpendicular axis doesn't have that much detail. As a reminder, stuff is only not rendered if it is entirely hidden by any single anti portal. Putting two box anti portals side by side will always leave a small gap because you can't (or shouldn't) overlap them. You could try to use anti portal sheets to cover the gaps if you make the boxes a bit smaller.

            I think I know what those meshes in the sky box are. The sky box is too close to the main zone and some of the tree meshes (or at least their bounding boxes) probably reach into the sky zone. Move it further away to make sure nothing in the main area affects the sky zone.