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    Here's the next map I'm working on, completely done in Maya. Everything except the textures are custom.

    Couple things to point out:

    -Ignore the textures, those were just for practice :P
    -Click image for larger view (1280x1024)
    -These are rendered shots from within Maya


    Looks fresh and interresting! Can't tell ya more cuz there are no textures and no meshes eh :P


      that doesnt really say anythihng about your level, size, flow, graphics, but its a nice mesh


        I agree with Desaparecido. Have you updated pics to show?


          Looks interesting, would like to see how it would look all pretty and lit up in game.

          I don't know if the floating sniper platform is such a good idea for a 1v1 on this level. Unless the spawnpoints were placed rather strategically to account for it, I think it would encourage some serious spawncamping.


            Hey this is looking really cool. I really like the style of this, it's unique. It looks like it would actually be built yet futuristic. I like all of it, except the spikes on the floating platform look a little out of place. I don't know if you are done shaping those yet, but they don't quite seem to fit. Just my opinion, but I am really looking forward to see the final outcome of it. Good luck!


              Sparkleh - Thanks man, Texturing it and all right now, there are no meshes, it IS a mesh. lol. But I've added some stuff.

              Desaparecido - Still working on it.

              Virax - Updating soon!

              BaronMasochist - Spawn points won't be on the platform

              Jaspeer - Spikes will go, the thought I had for them wouldn't work out.

              Thanks all


                OK, update time


                Don't worry the pic is only 40KB

                I'll be opening up a beta for this tomorrow so if anyone would be so kind as to help me out, it'd be appreciated. Please PM me if you'd like to beta test!



                  Looks cool. :up: What's the polycount?


                    8280 triangles if I view the entire map. I average around 65 Frames on 1024x768 high detail with the following rig.

                    athlon xp 1900
                    512 ram pc2100
                    radeon 9700 pro

                    so that should give you a good idea.


                      No screens for me

                      "The site you are trying to access has exceeded its bandwidth quota of 100 MB per day."