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[Weapon] Velocity Trap Gun (Beta)

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    Here's the final one....


      Re: Re: Update

      Originally posted by Toonces T. Cat
      Would it be possible to have the secondary affect team members without turning on friendly fire? If yes, this could be the replacement for "Boosting" flag carriers...which I have still not forgiven Epic for removing from the game...

      This weapon knows no teams (I'm pretty sure). Because it causes no damage, you can shoot your buddies all you want. Not that they will tolerate it for very long.


        I think secondary should make you able to lift enemy's of the ground and bash them against a wall or something. that would be as funny as hell.


          Get on with man!

          Release the **** thing already!!!

          Ut2003 Wicked Game Server


            Re: Get on with man!

            Originally posted by cvroy
            Release the **** thing already!!!

            Ut2003 Wicked Game Server
            Two weeks
            When it's done
            Whatever comes later

            Well, I realized that the 'push' weapons do to people is embedded in the pawn's takedamage code. I offloaded the code to the weapon and now the secondary fire can boost teammates.

            Oh, and about the model... I need some help from Gusher and maybe someone else, because Milkshape doesn't do weapons.
            BTW Gusher, I'm not sure about the VTRAP name on the gun. I dunno. But the logo... it's not right. CSD's logo has a certain shape. I would suggest just removing it. Not to offend or anything, mind you. The rest of the gun is sweet.

            I removed the beam when it is not hitting anything. I have a scan reticle thing instead. Looks like this:


              Re: Update

              Originally posted by Melaneus
              After a long leave from UT coding, I have started to work on my old stuff again. Here's what I have for the V-Trap v.11:

              -Primary fire slows target's momentum to a crawl. Turning rate is not affected, however.
              -Secondary fire pushes the target. It's like getting shot with a really powerful shock rifle, but no damage happens.
              -I am considering having this be a recharging ammunition weapon, or if primary is unlimited, or something...
              -I am also considering whether the secondary should be a charge shot or not.

              Finally, the biggest hurdle I have is AI. I don't have nearly a clue to how to get it to work.

              Any suggestions or other help would be welcomed.
              I don't want to be selfish or anything, but I already sorta made a pushing/pulling weapon (Still needs some tweaking and modelling). :bulb: I think alt-fire should be a charging-up thing of some sort.


                is it done yet is it done yet? (didn't even know about this untill today >_<)


                  looks good


                    where can i download this?


                      Tight! So hows the implementing of the model going?


                        v11 Beta Test any takers?

                        I have a test version for people to try out.

                        -Primary fire is a beam that latches on to people and slows their speed to a crawl.
                        -Secondary pushes people around.
                        -Currently it is set at infinite ammo.
                        -This version has no new model. I have no clue to the state of the model Gusher has been working on, and unfortunately I have problems making weapon models myself. The V-Trap looks like a blue-green tinted linkgun right now.
                        -Bots currently only use the push function, unless their target is a flag carrier. Hmm, I bet they can't tell if it's a ball carrier, though. Bleh.

                        The Velocity Trap v11 (Beta)

                        Oh yeah, before I forget: I'm so lazy I didn't make a replacement mutator. You have to use something like SwitchArsenal (Which you already have, right? Right?). Download SwichArsenal from the link below if you for some reason don't have it.