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[MAP-DOM] DOM-CalderaCrypt ( Ready NOW )

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  • [MAP-DOM] DOM-CalderaCrypt ( Ready NOW )

    Have Fun :

    Please post any comments, i may Build another DOM map if i get some good feedback. so lets hear it

  • #2
    Is this based off the town of Caldera from Morrowind?

    If so, post a link to the site where the DM version is hosted.



    • #3
      Looks pretty good, it's pub playable, a few things for next time

      - The spawns could be a little farther from the points and maybe not so open to being shot directly from the dom points. That will make it more spammy than it needs to be.

      - More vertical combat around the points. Right now the only thing not flat is the roof of the crypt.

      - I'd drop the spawns on the roof.

      - Personally I'd like a lift to the roof on both sides, but one is fine. The lift could be a little faster though, and remove the second stage so you have to lift jump to get up. That way it can come down faster too.

      Over all it's pretty good, I'll add it to a server for a while to see how it plays. It's not the 'best looking map evar' but it's clean, sticks to the theme and isn't distracting. I'd take a map like that any day. Just work on gameplay/flow for the next one


      • #4
        thanks for the input.

        this was my first DOM map. and im a DM' player, so ill need more experienced DOM players to tell me what they want ..

        i may start another Real soon. what kind Ideas yall have in mind, ill make it



        • #5
          Just so you know, people will be ALOT less likely to download tha map if you dont have any screen shots


          • #6
            HERE IS Screens For The DM Version. its the same Map just a Different weapons layout , player starts , and of corse DOM points.