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    ok i checked this one out, i found a couple of things. on some of those catwalks you need to change the properties on the blocking volume zeroextent i believe, this makes it so that our arsenal doesnt go flying through the seemingly solid object, really fustrating with the flak gun and etc (just think of the bio rifle) and the fps were pretty low for my ge force 4 ti 4600 (still high ) and when i first saw the flag room i laughed my *** off so hard heh you like seeing flag carriers die dont you lol . but otherwise i liked the overall idea of the map and i hope to see you do more maps. :up:

    ----edit--- does this remind you of ctf-mogollon anybody now that was one hell of a spamfest heh i really enjoyed that map on ig even tho it was really ugly it was hella fun. oh and also i thought you should take z axis into account, there is only really one level in with a minimal sort of "basement" in your next map try making a map with three levels or more, just a suggestion. minimum should be two.



      never mind


        i really like this map, great job!