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Ultimate ONS Tools (a touch of Kismet for mappers)

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    sounds cool.... I'm actually a bit lost on the whole explanation of everything. I'm sure I will get it when time comes for its use


      cool tools, I can't wait to use them


        Sry guys, no release yet, but I cleaned the Wiki page a bit and moved complex topics to sub pages.

        Also added a description for a new actor that wasn't announced until now.
        It's a bit critical as it depends a lot on the good will of the mapper.

        Read yourself, I just trust in the mappers and that they won't abuse the power.


          Finally finished the UltimateONSFactory! Vehicles can now be displayed properly on the radar now and the dimensions of the texture are not even relevant, they can be scaled internally.

          Here an example with the texture of a Domination Point, but you get the idea (the red circle represents the Manta here):

          Thanks to iwanpompier. He really helped a lot on this.


            Is there an independent node already?


              Nope. If someone is going to make one, then it will probably not be in this version anyway. Unless someone can make that in one week, but I think that thing will require a lot of hax from the best coders the community has.


                Ok, time for an update on the current status:

                I created a mix of the JBProjectileSpawner and the normal ProjectileSpawner and called it UltimateProjectileSpawner. Then I went to Wormbo's page to see that the Worm already created a much more awesome ProjectileSpawner, bit my own *** and got his permission to use that one instead.

                Then I finished the UltimateVCTFVehicleFactory, which is actually just a slim version of my UltimateONSFactory that misses the ONS-specific features such as linksetup dependency, independency from Nodes, two separate arrays for both teams and showing vehicles on the radar map.
                Instead it just got a single more variable that allows to decide if the vehicle is able to carry the flag. That might be confusing for players in some cases but allows to create AirMars-styled VCTF-maps or to forbid all normal vehicles to carry the flag once GE finished the UT3 Hoverboard.

                And the Factory can also be used in gametypes that have bAllowVehicles set to false.

                Another thing that I finished but didn't test yet has the pretty suitable name UltimateDestroyableEnvironment. It's a subclass of Decoration.
                You specify an initial health of the actor and an array.
                For each array entry you can specify a StaticMesh, a health value that should be constantly getting lower with each entry in the array and two more sub-arrays per array entry that allow to choose subclasses of Emitter, xEmitter and KActor.

                Outside of the array you have more options, like setting up a list of allowed or forbidden DamageTypes that can or can not damage this actor and specifying whether it can be hurt by high velocity impacts.

                And this is how it works:
                Whenever the actor gets damages by a valid DamageType, it loses some health. Very straight-forward. If the health falls below a HealthLimit value of an array entry then that specific array entry is processed. That means that it sets the StaticMesh of the actor to the one specified in that array entry and then it will spawn each class that is specified in that array entry's sub-arrays, for example Emitter effects or KActors, both with configurable spawn-offset, scaling and lifetime (though I didn't set up any proper replication at this point… I am not good at replication :$) to do some visual effects to indicate that parts of the Mesh have been destroyed.
                I also don't know if I can just change the StaticMesh (and thereby hopefully it's collision) at runtime, but since there is actually a SetStaticMesh()-function, I hope that this function will take care of getting everything set up and replicated properly.

                Bad thing is, that you need to specify the KActor as a class, that means you need to create a subclass of KActor (or preferable Karmathing) for each destroyed and movable part of the Mesh that you want to use and set the DefaultProperties there.

                I really hope that will work. Could allow some interesting gameplay if you have for example large massive metal doors that have so much health that they could survive weapon fire for several minutes, but in that time might get some holes in them and finally, once they are down, give the attackers another possible attack route. Of course you need to create different versions of the StaticMesh at different level of destruction.

                And last but not least, Jrubzknef (better pronounceable as Nova) agreed to create an updated version of his TeamSpecificActors to be used in this tool set.

                Now all I need to do now, is to fix some replication issues (though I will probably need help with that), create two or three more HUDOverlays and get the actors to assign them to the clients (as already done in the UltimateONSFactory, so that will hopefully not be too hard). One Overlay for the CountdownEventGate to allow more customized location of the timer, one for enabling the radar map in VCTF and one to show triggerable images on the radar map.


                  sounds good Crusha.

                  Just to let you know, I have a slightly updated version of ONS Floodgate that is just waiting for your countdown node. If you would put it in the map I wont mind. Actually I would prefer it since you know exactly how things work.

                  Lemme know if you want it.


                    Hmm, could someone export the texture 'HUDIcons' from the UT3 package UI_GoldHud for me? I wanted to distribute some vehicle icons for the radar map in a separate texture package with this tool set.
                    EDIT: Forget about it, I just took a screenshot of the thing at full resolution.

                    But does anyone know which vehicles those are? I can't recognize all of them.


                      I believe they're all in my UT3HUD package.


                        Update, can someone name all the vehicles from top left down to bottom right in order?

                        Manta; Turret; Cicada; Fury; ScorpionWithBlades(?)
                        Goliath; ScorpionWithoutBlades(?); Viper; ?; Nightshade(?); Paladin; Leviathan
                        Nemesis(?); SPMA; (?)

                        And I forgot the Darkwalker and Scavanger, but can't recognize them.


                          Manta, Turret (laser turret?), Cicada, Fury, Raptor, Hellbender
                          Goliath, Scorpion, Scavenger (just the inside part without the sphere or legs), Darkwalker (that's the main turret shape), Nightshade, Paladin, Leviathan
                          Nemesis, Hellfire SPMA, Viper




                              Here is a slightly modified version of VCTF-WindCombat (I didn't ask Darkemule for permission since it's just for testing - but it was nice to see that the map was already perfectly aligned considering the requirements for radar maps):

                              I created this for testing purpose, so if someone wants to take a look: feel free to do with this one.

                              The new special feature is, that I implemented a RadarMap into VCTF (and that without using a Mutator). Currently it's set to work like in UT3, that means you can see when your teammate carries the enemy flag but you can't see the enemy carrying your flag.


                                Very good so far. It would be even better if it would be somehow possible to integrate a map in the menu (like in ONS) where you can see the vehicles. Btw is it possible to display this map on a texture? Example: I'd like to make a small screen where you can see this radar with vehicles on it. Would it be possible?

                                PS: Maybe the radar should be scaled up a bit. And it would be pretty cool if it would be a round radar like in UT3. I like the UT3 radar a bit more than the 2k4 ONS radar

                                Please don't kill me for this post...