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Farc_v2 & Toxin & Cog [BETA FEEDBACK]

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    Mappers interested

    Any Mappers out there interested in Teaming up with me to do a MapPack for UT2K3.

    "Response is required" -=lol=-


      Map MAgic

      The Elfsinger is about to sing to the
      hordes who declare these maps unworthy.
      To hear the music of the Elf is to get Fragged.
      These maps are fantastic in the way they play.
      There may be a few cliches but the playability is what is most important in a game.
      So, get your heads out of your collective rear ends and listen,

      Silent the shroud of death draws nigh,
      Whispering your name to the singer,
      Hear the music catch you up,
      Draw you in and hold you close,
      Feel the comfort that the hand of death brings you,
      Better this than the wrath of the Elf.

      Let the Doubters come foward to hear their death.

      You will be fragged.


        These maps really kick butt. I will be viewing there progress over the coming months. Roger Wopner. CEO Atari Inc.


          Originally posted by reet sweet
          These maps really kick butt. I will be viewing there progress over the coming months. Roger Wopner. CEO Atari Inc.
          You are so full of **** :down:





              ooh lovely!

              Yet another macho name but the closest you will get to black panties!

              931 posts?? WTF??

              You need a social life!

              Come get some!! XXX

              I'll go easy on ya! THIS TIME!!:bulb:


                i Thought Id be famous

                taLC U ***** U SAID ID BE FAMOUS After puting my fotos on the web. u said id be a star. wheres the credit card subscribtions, I was even goin to have a industry name......."dirk diggler!" . I was just ready for my full frontal not just the jumping pic. u said u could do this , u said it was worth the price.... Im never sleeping with u again.


                  Now it’s my turn! I was initially disheartened by the reaction toward these maps however “live by the sword, die by the sword.” NeKraNomaKoN summed it up in saying “ive never actually released a map onto the internet i usually keep them to myself because theyre total flops.” I know the feeling! Of course I opened this thread with the hope everyone would love my work but I’m a bit too long in the tooth to really believe that. What I did hope for was an insight into the mind of designers and players. It’s been great to receive the support from my clan and friends but lets keep on track the thread is entertaining but wearing thin. I have learnt several things after starting this discussion & by the end of this weekend (after several truly hardcore gamers have played these maps) I'll make my own mind up! The truth is UT2k3 rules, and its all about fun. So keep fraggin and keep it lite! If anybody has anything constructive to say I might be drawn into posting again. TTFN


                    Map Testing

                    I havent completed any maps for UT2K3 as of yet but i do have a map for Unreal Tournament that im willing to release or just send it to a few ppl who i trust so if any of u has UT still installed on your machines i would really like your feedback on this map especially "TALC" add me to your msn and ill send it to you

                    MSN -

                    ICQ - 122886414


                      Talc's Maps

                      Firstly thanks for the mention on your web page :-), I've played all three maps quite freqently, & have nothing but praise for all three, Farc hasn't been very popular, most die had fans of UT don't like this kind of map , though I find it quite an amusing change from the norm , having downloaded the best part of at least 300 plus DM Maps over the past few weeks, I can assure you that these maps by Talc are up there with the best, & belive me there's some god awfull maps out there

                      Weldone m8, I look forward to your New Map when it becomes available :up:


                        Thanks for the praise, this makes me feel good. I've been working on some new maps. I'm tryin to take on board the responses to my old ones, but its been hard going keeping up to speed. If anyones been reading our website you'll get a small taste of just how busy i've been.

                        In between my film-making, post graphics work, editing & general boozing im gonna continue developing for [BK], long live UT2k3 and come get some if you can find me online, by the way visit if you havent already! If you have then go look again!


                          I have just posted a new Beta map & im interested in feedback. Initial reaction seems to be good No screenshots as yet. Ive found some problems with the skybox not working through servers A must fix but it seems ok on instant action. There's no optimization either but im gonna get around to that. Id like to know what anyone thinks? Download it here DM-Knoll-BETA enjoy:up:


                            knoll & regulars

                            Hi Talc!

                            i've played Knoll, like it alot, seems to be a slight problem with the graphics, sometimes comes up with black patches, could be my pc, I dont know.

                            but none the less, I know its just a beta at this stage, very playable, great fun & good to see its getting regular users, so you must be getting it right!

                            Hi to Blaze, Noble, AMD, Kadee, Elfsinger & of course THE (bad lag!) Squire!!

                            Good to see you lot in there all the time. When we gonna have a USA Vs. UK team match!

                            Catch you all later!!

                            - Darkest Light :up:


                              Credit BK clan

                              I am not a gamer, mapper or clan member, but I stumbled across a couple of BK players, squire, and someone else 2nite, on the server.

                              Credit to you for taking the time to make these maps. They look good, and play good to me.......... also, Thanx for the curtesey shown on the server, nice to see a "Hi all" every now and again.

                              Keep up the good work BK Clan.

                              I shall return to play again.

                              UK1. :up:


                                tlcs maps

                                truly amasing been playing them for months now big respect my friend .thers now 5 of of us from glasgow. playin gl_jammer balticfleet2003 me mattman ryan m the anticipation when your site is down new maps possibly well enough browmn nosing keep up the good work