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Farc_v2 & Toxin & Cog [BETA FEEDBACK]

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    Farc_v2 & Toxin & Cog [BETA FEEDBACK]

    this is the first time ive posted any of my work on the net. Im looking for feedback. I've created three DM maps that are running on-line through "Butt Kicker server".
    DM-Farc was my first & is a follow the tutorials and see where it goes effort. This map includes the bulldog for anyone mad enough to drive them.

    Thanks to P1nky for noticing the problem with displaying the pics & FineWolf for sorting it. :up:


    My next effort is called DM-Toxin and uses all the built in textures and models to reduce its size for download. I think it plays ok but im not sure if the sublevel needs more work.

    and the latest is called DM-Cog. I got the idea of being inside a machine, thus "Cogs". Originally i would have liked to make the play area constantly rotating but soon found i didn't know enough about "unrealed" The movers started flying apart and i couldnt get bot pathing to work prperly on them. However I think this map makes for good play, see what you think.

    They can all be downloaded from
    each of the maps has bot support and can be played offline. They can also be played online on "Butt Kicker server." Give me some feedback.

    Pics dont work


      Sorry about the pics not coming through im gonna have to talk with someone that knows more about the site i posted the images on. The map download works though, so try them out. Ill get back to the pics asap.:bulb:


        Found the problem with your pics, Alan takes a capital A:



        Respect Capitals next time!!!


          dm-toxin looks a bit squared out and cog a bit unplayable


            I see what you mean about the screenshots but I'd be interested to know if you've downloaded and played the maps, do you still feel that Cog is unplayable or is it just the screenshot is visually messy. I agree about Toxins sublevel looking a bit boxy. I think i might round off the architecture. Keep the comments coming:up:


              Talc you should really concentrate on your lighting. It kinda stinks, especially those meshes in the cog map... there are all these polys there and you cant even see the dimensions because the lighting is terrible. The way it is, you could have just used a basic cylinder shape and it would have looked the same, maybe even have increased performance.

              You need improvement in general as well though. I dodn't want to come off as a ****, I am just saying these maps arent very good. Bad performance (except for toxin), bad texturing, bad lighting, bad layouts.

              But you are getting maps finished which is a good sign, and they aren't basic boxes, so good job on that. I've seen people release a lot worse than this.

              Keep at it...


                Why isn't everything lit by itself anyway?

                Pfff :down:


                  Well i asked for it and i got it! Sorry to hear that you think the maps are bad. Yes the lighting in Cog could do with improving. The rotating cogs get their lighting from the first keyframe position. As they rotate the light on them goes out of context with the environment. I should have used a new static mesh rather than two existing meshes together, that also adds to the problem because some shading is bult into their textures which creates a visable edge. I am still learning Originally i wanted to make the maps far more a play with lights but people kept telling me they where too dark so i increased the ambiant light which reduced the modeling and flattened them out.

                  Other than this I'd like to hear how people think the maps play. Do they like the thematic ideas, how do they flow is the position of weapons ok. Please try to keep the comments constructive i am a sensertive soul


                    Well I'll warn you, the first things you will make will be pure learning experiences but when you start improving and from the tone of your voice you really want to achieve something so you will one day have the time to say, hmm this ownz

                    For ut2k3 it is a good place to start to learn how to make staticmeshes, texture them, light them and insert them into the editor. If you don't know how to model in like maya or 3dsmax try and signup and get those excellent video tutorials on how to get to modelling, they really own.

                    Then about flow, well, for tourney maps go to

                    it is for quake3 but it will really help your understanding of "flow" and workflow too


                      Team experiance

                      ive never actually released a map onto the internet i usually keep them to myself because theyre total flops.

                      BUT. im very interested in Teaming up with another mapper to create a map pack the way i see it the person will do part of a map then ill do some and so on until its finished.


                        I think these maps are cool! Don't you lot play the game?????????? Keep it real and frag a lot.....



                          Also do you like my black panties!! XXX


                            I have been re-evaluating these maps in light of their current response and come to some conclusions. Whilst yes the aesthetic look of them needs improving, that has always been a delicate balance between performance (fps) and enjoyment (will they come back for more) So far gamers seem to like the maps whilst designers don’t! There in lays a big question? I know I’m new to UT2k3 but I’m not new to the industry. After trawling through these forums I’ve found a community that is fantastically supportive of new talent but there are some people that are quick to judge. I’d ask you to look at these maps for their playability (repeat entertainment value and not just on the way they look) Looks can be improved the under laying concept is the bedrock of design. I can always get a superior designer to take them on but if the maps stink then let’s bin them & move on. Be cruel, be kind but overall be honest.


                              farc- toxin-cog

                              I've had no problems with the pics, the maps and playability is fragalicious.

                              p4 2GHZ 256ram 64mg geforce 4

                              Only problem sometimes is ping due to my likkle 56k modem but that goes for all the maps on all the servers ive played!

                              Can't really see what all the complaints are about, too busy killing to go round on a guided art exhibition tour. Seems fine to me! Keep up the good work!

                              Also see alot of regulars in there comin back for more, so you must be doing something right!

                              COME GET SOME!! LOL

                              FRAGS N **** (CIGGIES) N BEER

                              Over & out!

                              :weird: :up: :up: