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UT2k4 mods by Category (update 5/29) switch info by Mark Rein

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    UT2k4 mods by Category (update 5/29) switch info by Mark Rein

    The COMPLETLY NON OFFICIAL UT2k4 mods list, and its ever changing thread name.

    If they aren't here, give short description and link You can get the idea by looking at what I allready have listed

    Words from Mark Rein - "Once the game ships somebody at Epic, probably Steve Polge, is going to write up some tips for mod makers who are going from UT2003 to UT2004. Keep your eyes open for them around the time that the game appears in stores."

    This information can be found in the MSUC forums.

    The phase 3 deadline has also been pushed the May 30th so most of these mods you are waiting for are almost ready for release.

    I have changed every request made by mod makers and the descriptions are those but their either from my experience with the mod or descriptions given to me by the makers. I mean no disrespect to any mod listed here.

    This listing is not complete and I have only just started organizing them. Please bear with me as I continue to update this list. I just decided to do it as a hobby/side project that would be useful to the Unreal Community.

    Any mod that has a problem with my posting here please contact me. Some descriptions here may be inaccurate, I am currently going through the various websites of the mods for better discriptions. Some mods may contain no description at this time.

    And now by Catagory

    Mod Resources
    All Unreal Mods, also be sure to register at the Beyond Unreal Mod Works a for maximum exposer.

    Another page you should check out is UMO is completely mod author driven, allows for RSS imports and also exports both it's mod list and mod news in RSS format and even low-tech javascript includes (just pop a javascript tag into your web page and it will pull in the content).

    Arcade action

    Tamearia Single Player Third Person Platformer!(for the first time its the other way around!)

    2d Torunament 2d overhead perspective Unreal (2k3 release .4)

    Duffers Golf - Golf game for UT2k4 ( Release 1 )

    Mr. Evil's Mods Probly best known for Nali Bricks, he plans to update his collection of mods to UT2k4 as well.


    Zombie HunterAnother one of those mods you can tell by the name

    Out of Hell -Zombie mod with shotguns galore

    Action (might split this later but compacting these 2 togeather for now) -

    Action Unreal Tournament - I'm sure most of you have tried Action Half Life or Action Quake so I won't go on.

    Hackerz Hackerz - In the not too distant future the line between good and evil is not so easy to see anymore (put here because the first trailer looks very action packed, also fits under near future shooter, if team wants will change)


    Defence Alliance 2-The heart of DA is CO-OP PLAY, with defending Human players outnumbered by countless enemy AI or the new Human vs. Human mode, allowing you to play as the invaders. Also a new HUD and chat system will be implemented to allow you to co-ordinate defensive and offensive battle plans.

    Legend of Vandora -it's a UT2004 sp/coop mod which aims to recreate U1 universe and experience

    Alpha Coop The Co Op mod by Alpha one. He's looking for a mapper to help him expand. - Has a UT2k4 release!

    Swarm- Over head view squad bassed co-op shooter. Just Nother Bug Hunt (Release 1 )

    UETF Chronicles - Co-operative Sci-Fi mod that pits humans against an invading robot horde. (2k3 release 2.0)

    Everything and Anything (these guys do alot of work be sure to browse around) -

    ChaosUT2: Evolution - (2k3 release 2.01)

    FragHouse These guys do alot of different mods, drop by and check them out. (Frag House Invasion is 2k4 now! A new fun way to play invasion)

    Historical(older than WWII) -

    Echoes of Glory American Civil War mod

    Law Dogs Wild West Shooter (2k3 release - version 2)

    Organized Crime - Mob Warfare (Decided mod fitted in here, let me know if I'm wrong)

    Rising Sun - Ancient japan, class bassed fighting

    Modern Shooter-

    Frag.Ops - The world is at War (2k3 release 1.35) [In this section has been changed to better fit mods, refer to Squirrel Zero for more information ]

    Jungle Warfare - Something nasty is happening in the jungles around the world and your there to stop it.

    SAS : Into the Lions Den - SAS vs Terr (2k3 version 1.1)

    Team Delta - Delta force

    Strike Force Tactical sim of Terrorist vs Counter Terrorist

    Near Future Shooters

    Domain 2049 Domain is a tactical, team based FPS, set in the year 2049 in a totalitarian world of a dominant global government, underground rebellion and sinister corporations. (2k3 release 1.6)

    Global Warzone - after WWIII setting(2k3 release 3.87)

    Neo Tokyo Future Japanese setting urban conflict (Think Ghost in the Shell for those anime fans)

    RoadKill Warriors -inspired by the MAD MAX movies and a post-apocalypse future theme. The aim of RoadKill is to offer original gameplay with a variety of online gametypes and natural/realistic character movement. The RoadKill world will range from vast deserts ,deserted smalltowns and cities.There will be driveable vehicles and flying vessels (Gyrocopters and small windgliders) to help the cause.

    Shattered Oasis - Apocolyptic future war shooter. (2k3 release 2.0)

    Racing -

    Un- Wheel Racing Mod ( 2k4 release ALPHA)

    Unreal XRT - Futuristic Bike Racing Modification.

    RTS -

    Unreal Annihilation -An RTS modification based on Total Annihilation. Shooting for phase 3.

    Unreal-Command - This RTS/FPS game is set in a future setting where you can be both commander (RTS) or soldier (FPS)

    USkaarj2k4 - An RTS mod pitting the humans against the Skaarj

    SCI FI/Fantasy-

    Atlantis - near future tactical human army coalition vs alien incursion

    Conquest Marines an intergalactic war, fighting against your brother marines at the sharp end of a struggle for control of the empire. (2k3 Release 4989)

    Dark Frontier - Dark Frontier is a space based shooter with both RTS and RPG undertones!

    Foresaken Time - Medevil/Fantasy Mod

    Night Blade - Medieval third stealth game

    Terra Libera -Terra Libera is a class based multiplayer science-fiction realism first person shooter conversion for Unreal Tournament 2004.

    The Black Chronicle - The Black Chronicle is loosely inspired by the Diablo series and is a third person hack and slash mod. It will sport an extensive level/class system and rideable monsters.

    Troopers : Dawn of Destiny - Star wars mod (2k3 release 2.1)

    Unreal 4 Ever - (2k3 release 1)

    Weapons Mods-

    Arkon Weapons - Some nice weapons here, sure to bring fragging fun to the entire family

    Excessive Overkill On its fourth engine now, its excessive and its overkill. This aint' 2k3/4 any more (wildly fun weapon upgrades to the originals UT2k3 release 2.1)

    Remote Strike - 2k4 with real world weapons and some others(2k4 release 7.0)

    WWII -

    Red Orchestra - WWII Soviets vs German mod ( Release 2.0 )

    The Third Reich - Your WW II allies vs Germans mod the traditional setting (ie: US vs German) - Version 1.2 of this mod can be found on the original UT

    Extensions of Unreal
    (such as gametypes)

    Exion Mod - Blow stuff up, inluding walls (2k3 release 2.0?)

    Ultra Duel (2k4 release - 2.0) - Ultra-Duel is a 1on1 mod with emphasis on offline play, but also containing a customized HUD and per-game stats of interest to casual duelers. In its current form, UD is not a competition mod, but more of a "practice" mod. It's ideal for offline play, or dueling online with friends

    Vas Mutators - Ask Kal- maker of all things VAS(2k3 release various)

    Flag Domination, Bombing Spree, Verbage - (Verbage works on 2k4, Flag Domination and Bombing Spree will soon)

    Assasin - You are an Assassin and you should hunt your target... but someone is also chasing you ! (2k4 release 110)

    Jail Break - In Jailbreak, like in many other game types, your objective is to frag the opposing players—but unlike other game types, fragged players go straight into safe custody in the enemy jail when they're killed. To get them out of there, one of their teammates will have to fight his way into the enemy base and trigger the jail release switch that's hidden there (Jailbreak!). It is your task to defend your prison release switch and to free your own teammates when they're in jail ( Release 1 )

    (and yet to be sorted)-

    Death Ball -DeathBall turns UT2004 into a mix of Football, American Football, Handball and war. In the end its a pure sports game, and at that a First Person Sports Game. (2k4 release beta 2.0)

    Rift War - UT2k3/4 massive war campain (2k3 release v 148)

    Ultimate Survival - Paint Ball Mod ( Release 2)

    Unreal Demolition - Unreal Demolition - Demolition Derby, stunts, and so much more. UD takes vehicular combat to the next level with real world vehicles and unreal gameplay. (2k4 release public beta 1)

    2k3 mods ----- That need to make up their minds

    Out of Hell -Zombie mod

    Just add your mod to the list with a link and I"ll update when I get around to it. Once again if any mod members have an issue with a listing here please contact me to fix it.

    Frag.Ops will be switching. We've had our 2k4 plans drawn up for months



      Unreal 4 Ever Will of course be made for ut2004. Plans for this version are already beeing made (some even polished )


        The ChaosUT2: Evolution team are currently making plans for a UT2004 version, whilst doing a final UT2003 release.


          I remember DrSin mentioning that he and the RO team had worked together a bit, and he got RO working on UT2004 within about an hour. So I assume they'll be moving as well. ^^


            You do realized Red Orechestra is the second on my list and the only other one I posted other than troopers without a dev member posting in here





                The mod I am doing, Forsaken Time (homepage will be up at will use UT2004. It's a fantasy/medieval themed mod


                  Riftwar will have a 2k4 version, likely with new classes to make use of the new content.


                    2D Tournament

                    the website is being build and k0lpA is working on a new version

                    Im pretty sure it will go to ut2004 as well


                      Domain2049 Will be going for it, current version 1.6.


                        Shattered Oasis will be making a UT2004 version

                        But we are planning to follow our Ut2003 release ( (edit)New version coming very soon(edit) ) for a while

                        If there is a big enough playerbase in UT2003 then we will continue development in it as well as our UT2004.

                        A lot of the packages can be used for both.

                        Seeing how UT2003 will become very affordable to everyone
                        maybe there will be a player base to continue developing for.


                          We'll see. Maybe, maybe not


                            The subtitle for UnWheel is Unreal Tournament 2003/4 driving. So I assume they will make the switch too.


                              LawDogs will be making the switch as well. Too many cool new toys in UT2k4 to pass it up.