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    Re: Ultra-Duel 2.0 released for UT2004

    Originally posted by Blitz
    UltraDuel has been released for UT2004. I don't have a umod installer yet (waiting for the wizard), but the zip file is easy to install and has everything you need.
    I expect this will be even better with the great new stock 1on1s available


      Originally posted by Yoshiro
      Flag Domination, Bombing Spree, Verbage - I'm too lazy to seperate at this time (there are 2k3 releases of these) I"ll get this one updated shortly
      Verbage works "out of the box", Bombing Spree has been updated, and Flag Domination 3.0 is coming along pretty well (how does VFD sound?)


        UETF Chronicles

        I put a post on here earlier, I don't know if the list is being updated but we didn't get added. So, one more time:

        MOD: UETF Chronicles

        Description: Co-operative Sci-Fi mod that pits humans against an invading robot horde.

        Current Release: 2k3 2.0



          Sorry, seems that I missed it, I'll add it when I get home today. Planned on organizing the list a bit more.


            Assassin already released for ut2004 !
            Still in development for additionnal features.
            Website :


              As a member of one of the mod teams listed here, it is my opinion that if Atari wants to promote a list of mods, that it would be a much better service to the mod authors, and the community, to simply remove this list and provide the link to BU's ModWorks only.


              The ModWorks system allows mod authors to update their own mods, on their own time, with their own descriptions and information, w/o having to worry about whether or not this list gets updated.

              And as the last few posts pointed out, there were mods missing from this list, and there are probably still errors. I can see the version number for Chaos for UT2003 listed here is still incorrect for example.

              And as time goes on here, there is going to be steady updates for many, many mods and mutators, I doubt very seriously that this list will keep pace.

              Atari moderators, Yoshiro, please consider removing this list and linking to ModWorks instead. Thanks.


                I would heavily disagree. ModWorks has it's own issues, this thread is quicker and cleaner to read, and the only real concern is whether we're annoying Yoshiro.

                There's no reason the mods can't be at both places.

                Edit: not to mention the fact that Yoshiro added a link to ModWorks already - so why delete this thread if he is willing to maintain it?


                  Most of us don't have the time, nor the desire, to "annoy Yoshiro", that's part of my point. Some of us already have enough 'pr' duties to perform, w/o having to worry about a list of mods Atari has stickied over here, and is not updating.

                  And if he/they are not going to keep it accurate and updated, that in itself is a reason not to have it here, on the Atari forums.

                  And I respect your opinion, but I disagree. I think the ModWorks system is quite easy and 'clean' to use, and the info comes from the actual authors.


                    I have been keeping the list updated and don't ask than anybody annoy me. I look for the updates myself. This past week or so I"ve been busy and didn't take the time to do major updates on this list.

                    As far as Mod works, I help set it up with Zenny over at BU and have been working with him. I was the first tester of the Mod works system and its still going through various changes.

                    I am trying to keep this list as up to date as possible on my end. If you would like me to remove Chaotic just let me know (I personally don't think the release numbers are such a big deal as they can easily be found what release is out by visiting the mod web page) but I will keep them updated as I see new releases or am told about them.

                    If the majority of people want me to delete this post I will and remove it to FPS Centrals forums.


                      Consistently, ModWorks has a "top" mod which hasn't even released yet. Comments on RO generally centralize around the voting system, not the mod. The voting and comments section is largely a spam contest, there's very little clean about it. Maybe the description of the mod comes from the mod team, but the rest is by whoever decides to put whatever about the mod up (completely anonymously as well).

                      If I just wanted a quick scan of mods, without a lot of chatter and however long descriptions the mod PR guys decided to put in, this thread services people better.

                      And it's a thread post and maybe a nudge to keep "track" of this list, and once you are on it, you're pretty much done - not much work there. So far Yoshiro's done a commendable job of managing the list.

                      Maybe having the version numbers isn't productive for all the mods, but having a quick list for people to glance at is. Maybe centralizing ModWorks is more convenient to -you-, but it doesn't mean it's the most convenient thing for people browsing for mods. Perhaps at some point ModWorks will be refined, but in it's current state I don't think it's ready to start to become the authority of mod information.


                        Add The Black Chronicle under Sci-Fi/Fantasy

                        For a description of it go here:Decription


                          I agree in that mod works isn't a very good system in terms of community input.

                          The ratings give a mod a false representation. ****** me off when i see some twit has rated my mod 1/10 when they don't even friggn know what it's like.

                          Anyways, having mods posted both here and there seems fine to me.


                            Yea, the rating system is a joke. It should rate mods by how many visits each modworks page gets. Not by how many fanboys can vote their mod a 10 and the rest 1


                              Omg! I just noticed that in that one pic on MR. Evil's site he looks like Ghost from the matrix. With long hair.


                                Mod: Terra Libera
                                Description: Terra Libera is a class based multiplayer science-fiction realism first person shooter conversion for Unreal Tournament 2004.