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UT2k4 mods by Category (update 5/29) switch info by Mark Rein

This is a sticky topic.
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    Hey, I dont know if you have us yet. But Communist Aggression has been in the works for some time and is nearing a first release.

    Visit Communist Aggression

    Suggestions and Comments always welcome at our Forums


      Musketeer - Student project of the Utrecht School of the Arts
      The Musketeer Project is an Andventure Sword-fighting Mod situated in the 17th century France.
      (unreal tournament 2004)


        RoadKill Warriors > UT2004...


        I found this post by accident...

        ...and i would like to announce that RKW is now developed for UT2004 and not UT2003 anymore.

        And when HL2 is released then RKW is going to be "ported" to that enigine aswell. But dont worry, we will continue to develop the UT2004 version at the same time as the HL2 version.

        /JuanDaMan, RKW Chief


          Just wanted to chime in also, Letting you good folks know that

          Team Orbit is in the house. We've been part of the Unreal community at Planet Unreal for many years now. If you haven't heard of us... Heh, well here's your chance.

          We're creating Orbit Wars. You may have heard of NeoCairo, it's prequel (TC for UT99). We're perhaps best known for our mechs, like the Mongoose and the Cerberus. Please feel free to browse through the rest our vehicles here. You're of course, all invited to stop by.

          BTW, Nice place you have here. I think I'll stick around.


            Ok guys, I"ll be updating this thread this week. Sorry about my many delays. I've been busy doing work for and RO and Troopers PR .


              Hello, I'm the leader of the Wanderlust Project. We're fairly new to the scene (about a month old now) but we're making good progress and have a pre-alpha build already. It is a fantasy MMORPG (though how massively multiplayer it will be will depend largely on whether we can get funding eventually heh) set in a world where players will have control over just about every element of the game. The goal is to make an RPG completely free of grind or treadmill leveling/loot systems, where the player can experience something new at every login. Not sure how you'd list that but you can view our site at:



                Hollow Moon demo released today

                I think it goes best to "near future mod" list


                  Action Unreal Tournament released Beta ´0´Open Beta on the 9th... but Ì´m sure you all knew that already.


                    Frag.Ops v2.0 released.


                      Checkmate v1.0 has been released



                        Damnation: Hell Breaks Loose 1.0

                        Damnation: Hell Breaks Loose 1.0 has been released.



                          Field of Fire - action shooter in near future



                            Title: Suburbs
                            Category: Action
                            Description: An action packed game giving you nearly complete freedom in a realistic world.


                              Title : Mutâi
                              Version : Beta 1.0
                              Comment : Mutâi is a third person action game that offers the players fast and dynamic gameplay, original story and setting, and adrenaline-pumping hand to hand combat in three different innovative game types.



                                anti hack

                                Is there an anti bot for the ut2004 demo
                                you know, like anti-tcc