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UT2k4 mods by Category (update 5/29) switch info by Mark Rein

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    updating today when I wake up


      well, we've got another one:

      RoadKill Warriors

      Can go in the 'Near future shooters' or 'Sci-Fi/Fantasy'

      for now the url is: or

      It's still alive.. hehe..




          We've just submitted Checkmate in Phase 3...I guess we'd fall under the sci-fi/fantasy category since we've got kind of a medieval chess theme...


          Checkmate announcement thread:

          Checkmate is a team deathmatch game based loosely on the rules of chess.

          Each team has a King, and any number of Pawns, Knights, Bishops, Rooks, or Queens. The game is round-based, so when a King dies, the highest scoring player on each team becomes the new King (so you don't have new players screwing their team over by playing a bad King). Non-King players start as Pawns, and accumulate credits by killing other players according to a ratio scoring system. The ratio is (enemyClassValue / yourClassValue), with player class values based on the different pieces in chess (Pawn=1, Knight=3, Bishop=3, Rook=5, Queen=9, King=10). The credits are used to buy other player classes to spawn in as after they die.


            Red Alert 2: Allies Last Stand.

            It is coming for UT2004 slowly, but surely!

            The site is under construction, but better than nothing...


              Eiko Battle is also out now.. its like.. ehh... SplinterCell with more action and a new gametype and.. ya all kinds of stuff.

              Get it from

              Mirrors will be up @

              // Puss å Kram


                I released the UT2004 port of Weapons of Evil...


                  Welll forgot to say! Giving some respect to Checkmate. I Played your mod over LAN when it was for UT2K3 .. and I spent like months playing it. Its a really great mod, to bad you guys dont get the respect u deserve. The gameplay is exellent.

                  Keep it up!


                    2 Gametypes to add to the list

                    Hey there,

                    I have added hot potato a couple of times, dont see it listed but thats cool.


                    Gametype #1) Hot Potato 2K4 - Your basic round of Hot Potato. Score 3 points (by passing the potato to someone and then it explodes in their possession), and you win the match.

                    Gametype #2) Chosen.
                    Story: The gods are sick of all the mortals having all the fun, so they have decided to sponsor a player in the
                    tournament. Problem is, how to chose the player? They decided that if a player could collect all of the level up
                    items that they placed on the map, they would chose that player as their hero. The player would get the Cho'sen, a powerful
                    weapon that freezes people in their tracks until their souls can be collected.

                    Basic Gameplay:
                    Collect all 5 of the powerups on the level, and you will become Chosen. The cho'sen weapon will freeze
                    other players. The point of the match is to freeze all of the other players. If you do this, you will win the match.

                    If you are killed when you are chosen, all frozen players will unfreeze, and someone else can become chosen.

                    If you are killed with ANY power ups, you will drop them as well.

                    Both of these are available for download Here



                      third person platfourmish stealthish mod lol


                      Anime based mod... based on the dragon ball z anime


                        I'll get this list updated this weekend, I"ve been busy with news posts and mirroring releases all week and need some rest. Don't worry I"ll get these all up and have updated release notes for those that made releases this weekend.


                          Re: UT2k4 mods by Category (update 5/29) switch info by Mark Rein

                          Originally posted by Yoshiro
                          Near Future Shooters

                          RoadKill Warriors -inspired by the MAD MAX movies and a post-apocalypse future theme. The aim of RoadKill is to offer original gameplay with a variety of online gametypes and natural/realistic character movement. The RoadKill world will range from vast deserts ,deserted smalltowns and cities.There will be driveable vehicles and flying vessels (Gyrocopters and small windgliders) to help the cause.
                          Could you please change the url from

                          As the link will not be updated anymore (planetunreal is so slow, we've moved to beyondunreal)


                            Chrono Trigger Remake Project

                            Yep, a remake of the classic SNES RPG in full 3D, using the power of the Unreal Engine.


                              Working on a complete redesign of this page so please be patient with me.


                                The Sixth Extinction has just switchd engines to ut2k4. its an futuristique coop mod