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Eliteforces UT2003 mod position openings

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    Eliteforces UT2003 mod position openings

    My friend and I were thinking of making an army mod for ut2003
    We will need the following to make this mod
    3 coders/bot A I
    4 modelers/static mesh makers
    5 mappers
    3 audio people
    3 sprite makers/hud makers
    4 skinners/textures
    2 web builders
    We need exprience workers for this mod.
    The maps will be jungle/desert maps.

    Email me at Jdandd@***.net to tell what position you want for the mod.

    P S I need email address when you email me for a position

    Webuilders ill email you what to say on the main site ok
    and what to put.

    Co leader

    Im the co leader and one of the mappers a friend of garcia boy/David. My email is Kenben2003@***.net also email me for a position.


      i'll be one of the mappers too


        Name of mod

        Just for an update the mods name will be 'Elite Forces".



          79 view and no posts come on people :cry:


            Thread will close

            if no one will reply this thread will close tommorow at 10:00 anyone who post will get a free map from garcia boy/david.:up: p.s. give us your email for free map and tell us whats your position in the mod. plz:cry:


              people ignore you because you ask without giving.

              1. "My friend and I were thinking of making an army mod for ut2003"

              an army mod hey.... hrrm... how many of them are already started? what will be your differences from them? have you drawn up a plan? have you decided on weapons, physics, vehicles, teams, and most important... the style of gameplay?

              2. your two leaders are both mappers... are they experienced mappers? Any noob can make a map, and call themselves a mapper... but how good those maps are is anyones guess. Do they have 3d modelling skills? Ideally you need to have at least one coders in a prominent position before people will even consider you.

              You've come to a forum, with nothing to show, and ask 24 "experienced" people to join you :haha: good luck

              P.S. i'd like my free map to be a CTF map based on some kind of alien hideout on earth... think a nested alien base in some tropical jungle landscape... no need to email it to me... just post it in these forums for everyone to enjoy...
              but be sure to call it "CTF-MAPNAME-4-Purehybrid"



                Read this 'how to recruit programmers' :
                It applies to the rest of your team as well ...

                And there's the rants on the wiki like this one

                You don't even mention what this mod is supposed to be and how it could be unique.
                IMHO if you can't do that in +/- a single sentence then it certainly is never going to work.


                  well you got to give me your email for that map ok

                  and yea i never thought of that hmm.



                    sorry about the thread one im mean this thread will close at 10:00 am have nice day update thread will not close until further notice



                      update thread is open


                        bye to mod

                        ..........:down: ...........:down: .................................................. ............................................. sigh im gone


                          Don't blame the community for not supporting the game or your mod.

                          You expected hundreds of replies from talented people? Well the truth is that talented people usually work on stuff. So in order for them to be interested in your mod then you need to give them a reason why.

                          Saying that you are only thinking of making a mod is the first turn off. YOU show NO dedication to your own project so why should others?

                          Second: you ask for 24 experienced people. "Excuse me Unreal community; is there a game development team out there to make my game?" Please, 24 people is total over kill for a mod, not to mention unrealistic. Don't expect everyone to be experienced either. Experienced people have jobs or are doing their own work.

                          And third: you post NO info what-so-ever on your mod. Do you even know what it's supposed to be? An army game? Gasp! That is so original I want to work on it right now!

                          Come on... This is why so many mods don't even get past the concept stage. Sure it sounds like fun but when it gets down to the real work, no one wants to put their share in.



                            hey david lets just quit ok this mod idea is plain or mainly stupid none seems to care:sour: k ill see ya


                              how can people care about something... if you've told them nothing about it.... good game man.. wake up to yourself